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November 30, 2018

Universal Islands of Adventure, Part 2

Seuss Landing was easily my second fave part of the park after Wizarding World.  Oh that guy in the picture is using a scooter like the ones we rented.

The only ride we did was this little tram that chugged along above Seuss Landing but it actually was a bit higher up than I would've liked at one point.

Great views

This was the part where I got scared cause it was way up above that lake.

How perfect is this?  Grumpa and the Grinch


  1. gotta love the Grinch!

    1. If you haven't gone to see the new movie I HIGHLY recommend it. We saw it yesterday and it was so good.

  2. Which one is the Grinch? Just kidding.
    Every adventure you show us, more exciting than the last. I really want to play in Seuss World now. What fun!

    Happy weekend, JoJo.

    1. Thanks Robyn!!!! I actually toyed with labeling that photo exactly what you commented. lolol It was the best trip ever.

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