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October 31, 2018

Hales Brook Trail, Marion

Been wanting to check out this trail too, which is located in Marion.  I wasn't planning on doing the whole thing but I wanted to hike as far as a rock outcropping which the trail guides all say is pretty cool to see cause it's just this giant rock in the middle of the woods with few others around.

Like I said, I'm a sucker for boardwalk-type trails.

Looks like an alien face in the reflection

Or a skull.  Or a ghost.

Russell took his time while I went ahead.  I'm a fast walker.  Comes from years of living, working and vacationing in cities.

I ended up going far ahead of him and would just meet up with him on my way back.  

When I saw 'rock slab bridge' on the trail map, I wasn't expecting something this small and unimpressive.

I knew I was very close to this rock outcropping....and I came upon this.  Multiple huge trees across the trail.  Under most circumstances I would have clambered over them and continued on, but as we had a rather ambitious trip coming up and the last thing I needed was to twist an ankle, fall and wreck myself.  I had no choice but to turn back. I'll have to try again next spring.

I probably did about 2 miles round trip and it was a very quiet and peaceful walk.


  1. so pretty and the boardwalk is nice. Love the bright red leaf pic. Happy Fall!

    1. It was a very nice walk but I'm bummed I missed that giant rock.

  2. Those boardwalks always remind me the childhood days, when we used walks on wall, balancing with two stretched hands.. :D

    1. I never had that kind of balance...I can't even walk on a flat surface w/o losing my balance!

  3. Anonymous10:25 AM

    I love that one red leaf. It seemed powerful to me. Not sure why. That trail would be amazing to walk on. I wish we had more trails like that to walk on around here. The ones with boardwalks on them you have to pay to access.


    1. I do love a good boardwalk. The one in Sandwich is only free to park from mid Sept to Memorial Day, unless you walk from another area.