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June 16, 2018

Buttonwood Park Zoo, New Bedford

I read that the Buttonwood Park Zoo in New Bedford had recently acquired a 2 toe sloth and made a mental note to check it out.  We drove down one Sunday morning and it wasn't too crowded at all.  The zoo is really small and easily seen in an hour or two.  

Loved this train that goes all the way around the whole zoo which is a good ride.  

We started in the rainforest exhibit.  Lots of colourful fish.


I loved these jellyfish!!  They were soooo pretty!

Unfortunately Bernardo the sloth was waaayyyyy at the top of his habitat and didn't come down at all.  I went back into the exhibit before we left and he was still up there.

The birds and monkeys were also hiding for the most part.

There are a couple of seals.

Mountain lion/cougar


They have 'Buttonwood Farm' that has some cattle and horses.  Didn't see the pig though.

There's one buffalo

I fell in love with Ellie, an adorable possum.

One elephant.

The otters were adorable too.

Another shot of Ellie.

This is a cute little zoo to check out.  We ate at the food court style restaurant which I thought was great.  He had a pulled pork sandwich that he thought was a bit dry but my burger was awesome.  I don't think that I'll go back to see the sloth though.  It never occurred to me that he wouldn't be right there, visible for the public.  Poor thing would probably rather be back in the rainforest!  Same thing with the black bears; they were also hiding in the rocks of their habitat.  Buttonwood Park Zoo is worth stopping at if you find yourself in New Bedford.


  1. fun jaunt and looks like a pleasant habitat for the animals. I enjoy a day at the zoo

    1. I suppose as zoos go it's not terribly bad....I generally don't like them cause I feel bad for the animals.

  2. That is a cute little zoo. I wish we had an elephant in ours.

    1. I kinda wish the elephant was elsewhere (somewhere bigger?) but I guess he'd be in worse shape somewhere else. He seemed healthy and happy. Probably well taken care of.

  3. Anonymous12:51 AM

    WOW!Enjoyed seeing your zoo trip. Lovely colorful trip. Highlight of your tour may be the different kind of fishes like lion fish, seahorse etc.. all looked amazing:)

    1. The fish and those cool jellyfish were definitely the high light for me. It's hard to shoot the other animals like the cats and the coyote cause they are constantly moving.

  4. Anonymous8:14 AM

    What a fun trip to the zoo! I love seeing all the animals and creatures just roaming around or relaxing. We love visiting our zoo and aquarium. What a great way to spend the day.


    1. There's one up in the Boston area, Franklin Park Zoo, but I've never been. I also didn't get to Woodland Zoo near Seattle. And despite being 9 at the time, I have zero memory of my trip to the Bronx Zoo except it was so miserably hot and humid.