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May 2, 2018

Last Month Got Away From Me....

I have to say, I really don't know what's happening with time.  One second we are egging Val's house and the next we're ushering in May.  I can't barely remember what we even did this month.  Time loss is somewhat troubling....alien abductees report time loss.  lol  Let's hope that's not the case!  I often wonder how I got stuff done when I was working and commuting full time during the week.  I seem to be 10x busier now than when I had a job.

We've been doing some work over at my mom's.  This sickly cedar has been a hazard and we finally had to do something about it after one of the huge split off trees fell in the driveway.  It's a lot of work.  I forgot how much I hate yard work.  So that's when I go inside and start working on cleaning and purging stuff.  There's a lot to do that's for sure!!

Dragging those branches around is a lot of work.  I was pooped.

Obligatory shot of Sadie.

And Sagan.

Marsha and Annette also came over to do seascape windows.  Annette brought this mermaid which was a stroke of genius.

Marsha's came out amazing too!!!  I love the glass and stuff she brought.

I made these two.

I also put together the wooden Snitch kit that Cathy sent me.  It was a very fast project.  Decided not to paint it though.  The natural wood looks so pretty.

We enjoy visits from the resident bun.  We think he lives under the shed on the hill.  

Nonna can't be trusted in the souvenir shop.  

This is an attempt at a beach glass Inukshuk.  

And also did another metal sculpture kit of a lighthouse.  

Since I like to play fast & loose, I put the winter boots away and we're getting the new a/c units in.  I hope we have a few more weeks of nice weather before heat and humidity sets in!


  1. fast and on the edge with no winter boots in sight. Good for you.
    Sounds like a good, busy month. I agree that the Snitch wood is pretty. Nifty projects all around. Now, enjoy May!

    1. Thanks Joanne! It's supposed to be 77 today....I think the winter coat can be put away now as well!

  2. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Hi Sadie and Sagan!

    Look at you! Bravely putting in your A/C units! Woo hoo! The optimist in you is shining bright right now. Me too. I got a pedicure done two weeks ago when I saw the weather was going to nice for one whole day. This week...three days! Bring it spring, I'm ready!

    I love your window scenes. Just beautiful. Also love your resident bunny. We have one that loves to torment our dogs. It just hangs out in the yard in the line of sight of our back door, then they get worked up, so we bang on the door for it to hop away before we can let them out so it doesn't have a chance of getting hurt by them.


    1. Thanks Elsie! I even put my outdoor summer decorations out today and retired the extra comforter, winter coats and gloves. It was so pretty today. Although Russell said that my wind chimes are probably going to scare the bunny away. lol

  3. I especially like the glass inukshuk, there are so many of those in Canada, this part especially. Wish I lived near you I would buy it from you - assuming you were willing to sell of course.

    1. Thanks Jo! It was surprisingly hard to come up with good pieces of glass to use for that project. I'm going to try again. I'd like thicker ones.

  4. Those glass crafts are amazing..

  5. So much pretty art to comment on. I can't keep up with your fast and loose fun around here. Your inukshuk is interesting, and I didn't know that word. "Inukshuk" <-awesome word.
    Enjoy all good things, JoJo.

    1. Thank you Robyn! You see Inukshuks a lot up in's on the flag of Nunavut too.