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May 30, 2018

Jungle Jim's, Part 1

Casi sent me some pics of Jungle Jim's a few years ago but I had no idea it was going to be humongous.  It's by far one of the coolest stores I've ever been to.  

Apparently the idea was to have a monorail on the property but it was never completed so the tracks remain, unattached, and this train sits on one of them.  You can tell I've lived on the west coast a long time when my first thought was, 'I hope they don't have an earthquake'.  

There is stuff EVERYWHERE.  They sing! They move! They light up!

There was so much cheese I couldn't believe it. 

The bathrooms are a trip.

At first I was a bit put off by porta johns in the store but it's like the TARDIS.  Bigger on the inside.   

The shoe chair is facing the door of the bathroom.  Directly behind me were about 7 stalls and 4 sinks. 

PEZ galore!

Murals on the walls everywhere.

The pastries and candies were amazing.  

Russell's eyes glazed over at the meat counter.

They also had some frozen game and exotic meats.  I call this 'Frozen Nope Rope'.

Someone in one of my Harry Potter groups posted pics of HP stuff she'd gotten at this same Jungle Jim's, so I made it a point to find that section.  I got some great swag.  I was chuffed.

Love the Gilligan's Island boat.

This was Robin Hood in a huge display over the British foods area.

I know that's supposed to be Little John but it looks more like Grizzly Adams

Shrine candles

So many beautiful hookahs and the prices weren't bad.


  1. That is CRAZY. I'm on sensory overload.....

    1. It would be so easy to drop thousands of dollars in that store. If we had more time we could've bought more stuff like cheeses and so forth but we didn't have the room and anything to keep the stuff from going bad on the ride home.

  2. British foods too, what an incredible store. Loved the elephant at the beginning.

    1. A huge section of British foods and tea!!! That was just the dry goods. There was more in the meat/deli/bakery/dairy depts too.

  3. I like the train.. it is sitting there, no place to go.. :D

    1. I confess I was disappointed....when we drove in we could see another monorail train in the barn and I thought we could maybe take Dale on it. He loves trains.

  4. Anonymous8:19 AM

    This place looks like a hoot! Like a Sam's on steroids! I think I could spend hours in there and spend way too much money.


    1. Very easy to do. Although I have to say, we told Val, Jeff & Casi to get whatever they wanted, plus I got stuff too, and the total only came to $250. The most expensive things were a cast iron skillet and a big package of beef jerky.