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March 8, 2018

Monks Park, Old Silver Beach and The Stone Store

Hubs and I decided to take a drive to North Falmouth on a pleasant late February day to check out some shops.  First place he took me was Monks Park.  He'd been there with Shadow the day before and told me about this really great rock stack.

We were having some very high full moon tides at this time and a day or so after I was here, my friend Cathy was there and this rock stack was almost completely under water.  You could only see the top 2 stones.

Railroad Bridge as seen from Monks Park.

The wind was a bit chilly but overall it was a great day to get out.

Our next stop was Old Silver Beach in Falmouth cause it was low tide and I haven't been beachcombing in ages.  I caught this very rare 'fog bow'.

Helping me look for treasure.  I got some shells and rocks for one of my friends but I only found about 5 pieces of glass.

The fog gave the beach a very ethereal and other worldly feel.

Russell still tires easily and walking in the sand pretty much did him in so he waited for me in the car.

Couldn't resist drawing the Deathly Hallows on the packed sand.

I thought these were fish bones but found out they are whelk egg casings.  A whelk is another kind of shellfish that has a cool shell.

Our first retail stop was The Stone Store because I needed quartz bits to make the orgonite.

I could so easily buy everything in this store!!!

He was so excited to find a chair so that he could rest while I browsed.

If you ever find yourself in North Falmouth on Rte 28A, The Stone Store is a must see.


  1. I would go crazy there. I want to touch it all. Your beach and sea pictures are gorgeous. Love the wintery colors - you can just tell how cold it is.

    1. Thanks! I know right? One of the best stores! I could buy everything in it. I was glad she let me take pics....I've been yelled at in stores for doing that. haha

  2. Beautiful pics of the beach. Never heard of of a fog bow before, very cool.
    I'd want to buy everything in that shop too!

    1. Thanks Sharon! I need to get back down there again soon. Before you have to either buy a beach sticker or pay $20 to park there. lol

  3. I would love to visit the store!!