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February 19, 2016

Sand Treasures

About a month ago, my friend Chrissy up in BC posted on FB that she'd gotten her daughter a Sand Treasure and that they had fun dissolving it to reveal the treasures inside.  She posted a pic of what Lily found inside her sand brick and I was very impressed with her haul.  I googled the name and found the right website, HERE.  The second I landed on it, I knew I would be ordering right away. For one thing, their prices are incredible, especially considering what's inside.  Up to 5 really high quality treasures, if not more.  There is also a great video tutorial on how they work. 

I couldn't decide on just one, so I splurged a little and got 5.  But as I said, their prices are extremely reasonable.  I placed my order and a day later, I even got an email from them thanking me for my order, he was at a trade show and would ship as soon as possible.  That's excellent customer service (they are Canadian, after all). a side note....Russell & I have a difference of opinion on these.  I thought he'd love the whole reveal process.  He surprised me by saying that I shouldn't melt them down because the whole good part is the anticipation and wondering what's inside, and it's kind of a let down when they are finished.  He suggested I melt one, then mount the treasures on something and display them with 4 unmelted ones.  I countered with, How about I do FOUR, and mount the treasures with ONE brick. He, of course, countered with 'two melts, three not'.  We are currently at a stalemate.  lol 

My order arrived pretty quickly though, despite being told there might be a delay.  Extra points to them for that as well.  Each sand brick is surprisingly heavy.

I don't know what else is in the Rainbow Gold one, but the bottom is packaged to show how much stuff is in this one.  

I decided to do 'Love Treasures' because it was Valentines Weekend.  On the bottom of the brick is a wooden scraper which pops out easily.  And if it doesn't, just submerge the brick in water to loosen it.

Heart on the side

Basically you just fill a dish part way with water and put the brick in to start melting, which it does pretty quickly.  Don't melt this under running water. It has to be done in a dish.  

Pretty red glitter on top

The scraper works awesome on the sand, which has the feel of clay, and it's a kind of relaxing and satisfying feeling scraping that stuff off.  My first treasure came into view!

A few more!

VOILA!  My treasures!  3 gorgeous polished stones (rose quartz, amethyst and not sure what the yellow is), a large quartz crystal and a pewter fairy figurine.  

Dish full of dissolved sand.  Make sure you squeeze all the lumps and run your hands around to make sure nothing is left behind.  Dispose of it outside.  This cannot be put down the drain because it will definitely clog the pipes.  

I highly, highly recommend this product for any age.  The prices are right, the customer service is great and the product is high quality.  I can't wait to do the others!


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    1. It really is! I want to do the others!!!

  2. These are right up your street aren't they JoJo. I can just see you scraping away to find your treasures. If the prices are that reasonable, buy 5 more and keep them but open all the others you have now.

    1. That's a really good idea. Cause I really want to do the last four!! The very first treasure candle I bought was in San Francisco in the early 90s. I literally hit it with 2 lighters for about 2 hours and melted it down to get what was inside. lol