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July 28, 2014

The Canal Turns 100!!

Our beloved Canal is celebrating it's 100th birthday this summer with a week's worth of events. 

On Saturday, July 26th, I walked over to Mass Maritime to check out the 2 tall ships that were in port. I thought this was really cute, and a cement dog is the only kind that should ever be chained up outside!!!

An artist was painting the ship, the Charles W. Morgan, which was on loan from Mystic Seaport in Connecticut.

"They who go down to the sea in ships....."

The Coast Guard tall ship Eagle was enormous.

I had a hard time getting the whole thing in my frame.

Even back here I had a hard time!

The Morgan and T.S. Kennedy had very long lines of people waiting to tour the ships.  There was no way I was doing that!  This is the end of the line for the Morgan.  I bet I was already home, showered and had lunch by the time these people got on board!

The Kennedy line was shorter and moved faster because the ship is ginormous.

This wobbly inflatable sperm whale is called Spouter and I think was also on loan from Mystic Seaport.

On the walk back to town

Local eatery Lindsey's has had this banner plane flying around the area all summer.

There are events going on through this week and I hope to see a few more.  There was a lighted boat parade on Saturday night but it was so mobbed in town that I opted to come home before it started.  As it turns out, from the pictures I saw on Facebook, I didn't miss much.  I had it way more built up in my mind of what it would be!


  1. IMHOP the best way to see the tall ships is under sail they are magnificent to see. I wouldn't have stood in those lines either.

    1. Well the Morgan was towed through the Canal a couple of weeks ago on a very early morning so I missed that unfortunately. I wish they were sailing through under their own power but sadly, they are just docked. I'm not sure how or when they are returning to Mystic Seaport. Nice to see them though.

  2. Anonymous12:29 PM

    I went to Mystic in 1973! We were hoping to go in 2010 when I visited my family in Connecticut, but there was a tornado warning in force, so it was decided not to risk it, 'just in case' Lovely pictures, as always :0)

    1. Diane I still HAVE to get there so I can have some Mystic Pizza to honour my beloved "Bill the Fisherman". lol If there are these kinds of ships at the seaport then I definitely must go.

  3. I'm envious of your town's patriotic spirit, and the lovely beach. I'm glad you can enjoy it, JoJo. Sometimes, facebook pictures are best. You get a front-row-center seat, can stay warm, and don't have to trek to the car or deal with parking.

    1. They do like their celebrations here. Our hometown, Sandwich, is celebrating their 375th Anniversary this year too but we haven't partaken in the festivities. The Canal stuff is within walking distance of the house so it's easier to do that.

  4. Hey JoJo,

    What an eventful event. Such a lovely area you live in. Those tall ships certainly capture the essence of days gone by. Your photos always bring out the ambience of the theme. I appreciate that. Here's to a hundred year old canal.

    Gary :)

    1. Thank you Gary. :) I was down there again this afternoon for a couple more events. The fireworks are tonight....I am dreading it for my dogs' sake.