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October 28, 2013

Chatham, Part 2

What a gorgeous day at Harding Beach!  Not much to beachcomb for here though.

That's a tiny little pond on the beach, but I've no idea if it's fresh or salt water.

That's a sea lion in the center of the picture.  Chatham's barrier beach and Monomoy National Wildlife Reserve have been overrun with tens of thousands of sea lions, which means the great white shark sightings, and attacks, have become more frequent.  The beaches in Chatham are often closed because of the sharks.

This was across the water on the barrier beach.

 I think this little harbour is called Ryder Cove.

Then I drove to a little place called Cow Yard Landing, which was also very picturesque.

I could have sworn these cottages were all really badly damaged or swept away in the storms.  I did a little online research and found out that there is virtually no time left for these cottages.  The ocean is going to reclaim them any day now, and the town is pushing the owners to pay to demolish them.

Those are RVs out there!

To be continued!


  1. I have to say it again; it looks like Jaws was filmed there! (Be careful Sea Lion!)

    Quite picturesque, too bad about the cottages though. I prefer those to the RVs.

    1. Jaws was filmed primarily on Martha's Vineyard, so very close to the Cape. Let's just say that I avoided the ocean that whole summer of 75. lol The day i went to Chatham, there was one guy on the beach who plunged in and went for a swim then he came tearing back up on the beach, freaking out b/c a sea lion swam right under him. Where there are sea lions, there are sharks.....

  2. Great pictures! ♥

  3. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Awesome - and I'm a great admirer of Great White Sharks. They're perfectly designed to do what they do....until man gets in the damn way.

  4. beautiful pictures! I wish to be there now.. walk along the shore, look at the horizon.... feel happy :) Thanks for sharing good mood, Jojo!