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September 2, 2013

Craft Kits of the Month

I'd let a couple kit of the month club projects fall behind so I decided to knock them out one week when the heat and humidity kept me indoors.

This is the Christmas in July project, a painted tin tree bell, or chime.  It came with enamel paint and when they say it dries quickly, they aren't kidding.  This was fairly easy, just paint & tie the bits together with jute. Hard to see but there's a dark red jingle bell at the bottom.  I think it's meant to be hung outside, no matter the weather.

This was June's project, an embossed velum lantern.  I had to glue the wood frame together, and then decorate 4 sheets of vellum paper with the flower rub ons and embossing.  I was stoked that the kit came with the embossing tool and very pretty and intricate stencil.

This, unfortunately, went from a project I was looking forward to, to one that I couldn't wait to finish.  Just a lot of measuring and detail work that I didn't have a lot of patience for.

I messed up one of the vellum sheets really bad, so the back panel is plain but for the embossing I did.  I was supposed to cut the scallops at the top and bottom, but the directions on how to hold the scissors and cut them made absolutely no sense, so I left the edges straight with the design punched in.  I also majorly screwed up the ribbon holes on the first piece of vellum.  The directions should have advised that those be cut in first, then work the embossing around them.  

The kit also came with a flameless, battery operated tea light but it isn't very strong, light-wise, so I used a candle for the purpose of these pictures.  I would not, however, use a real candle in the center unless it was protected by a glass votive cup.

Oddly enough, the panel that I had to fudge is the one that looks coolest with the candlelight!

This is August's Kit of the Month, a rain forest jasper necklace.  I am always less enthused about the beading projects because I already do so much of it.  When this kit came in, I did it right away.  It's not really 'me' so I'll put it in the pile to sell.

This one surfaced in a drawer.  I forgot all about it, but I got it years ago when I was still out west.  I wasn't real thrilled with it, but also didn't get around to returning it either, so I stuffed it in a drawer and forgot about it.  It came with brown beads and sequins and I thought it was so dull and ugly.  Who uses brown napkins? This isn't the 1970s.

I ended up using the stencils only and then using my own stash for the bead embroidery.  I screwed up with the heart, because it's going the wrong way when slid onto a napkin.  Also, I did a sucky job of sewing them together too. I may put a beaded edge around them to hide the crap ass sewing, but on the other hand, I don't feel like expending the effort. I am sure these will end up in the pile to go to Goodwill or something. My OCD made me do the kit, but really it served as just a practice exercise in bead embroidery using sequins.


  1. Oh, that lantern turned out beautiful - it is so pretty all lit up!

    You should offer to be a tester for these kits before they send them out; give them obviously much-needed corrections to their instructions!

  2. The lantern turned out nicely, you did a marvelous job on the embossing, it looks like lace.
    I've never been a fan of kits as sometimes the directions are confusing or there are not enough parts or the colors of the threads, beads, paints etc. is not to my liking - or maybe I'm just too picky. :)

  3. Loooooove that vellum lantern!!! That looks like fun - I'm totally going to look that up and maybe join! :)

  4. I remember us discussing Kit of the Month clubs, but didn't realise you'd joined one. I like the vellum lantern, it's really pretty

  5. Well being a fellow crafter I am quite jealous of all your accomplishments! Although I think I agree with you on the brown napkins!
    Suzanne @Suzannes Tribe

  6. Thanks all!!! Now if only I could sell these items because I don't have the room for them.

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  8. Anonymous4:25 PM

    WOW!! Go JoJo Go!!! I love all your projects but I think the candle is my favorite. So pretty..
    PS - I'm posting links to my dot com page here on blogger. Are you see them in your reader? I thought I would do that until my blogger bloggee pals had me in a link somewhere. :) Sry 'bout the pics. I think I fixed it. :)

  9. Girl, that patience gene is missing from my DNA. You must have gotten is about all I can say. That lantern is AMAZING.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  10. Looks like you have been busy! I like the lantern and the napkin rings. I don't know who uses brown napkins, but I don't think it really matters what color goes in them. I wouldn't stress about it, for sure. I think you are awfully hard on yourself!

    When you stitch the seed beads on something like that, do you go down and back up through the fabric for every bead or do they run along the thread for a couple of beads between stitches?

    1. I was taught to do 4-5 beads at a time going back into the fabric at the top bead, then come back up through the fabric at the center of them and run the needle back thru the holes of the front 2 beads, then connect the next 4 and repeat. Does that make any sense?

  11. Oh my word, you were on a roll. I declare I can't pick one favorite over the other. I love them all.

    Great job on all.

  12. Thanks everyone. It's a fun hobby but I do think I have a compulsive crafting sickness. lol