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August 29, 2013

Sagamore, Part 3

Walked over to the Canal from 6A for a couple snappies.

There is something about houses with this shape that bum me out.  I may have had a nightmare or weird dream, or maybe saw a scary tv show or movie when I was little.  I love the architecture but I'd never live in one.

This is the old Keith mansion.  It's huge and beautiful and in need of some TLC.  I bet it'd make a great bed & breakfast, but it's an eye doctor's office now.  Reminded me of the Gatsby Mansion in Victoria.

I love his sign.

Mural on the Montessori School.

Louis' goes back a long, long way and unfortunately it's closed and the windows all papered up.  But the signs remain.

Canalview Apartments, aka 'The Blocks'.

Surprisingly I found nothing I wanted to buy in the gift shop!  Lots of pretties, but nothing spoke to me.

Looking down into the hot shop.

Back of the Christmas Tree Shop.

The bridge is being painted.

Rte 6A, going under the bridge.

When I first learned how to skate, I had lessons at the indoor rink in Plymouth (the rink in Hyannis, while in a large Quonset Hut type building, it was considered 'outdoors'), until the Gallo rink was built in about 1972 or 73.  

The last time I was on skates, 1988, was here.  I loved it but I don't dare try it now at this age.  I cannot afford a broken knee or wrist!  

I hope you enjoyed my little tour of Sagamore!


  1. Yes I did enjoy your tour! Very much.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  2. Nice shot of the lion statue (that's the sort of detail I like to see). Perhaps you lived in that house or one like it in a different life, JoJo. It's great seeing your part of the country.

  3. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Wonderful - you're a great tour guide :0)

  4. Victorian style houses have a classy charm. I used to live in Alameda, and it was fun just to drive around, looking at houses. I know you were in the Bay Area, JoJo. Did you visit Alameda. These photos remind me of it. I love that city-island.

    Be well.

    1. Hey there! In all the time I lived in SF, I never once went to Alameda! At the time it didn't seem like there was really anything to see except base housing. I didn't spend much time in the East Bay except for the years I worked in Berkeley & Orinda.

  5. Hey JoJo,

    You know I love these tours. And thanks again for changing your comments section so I can still relate back to what I saw.

    Some of those old houses got me thinking about "The Munsters" and "The Addams Family" :)

  6. This photo tour is cool. Love when you these since I never go anywhere it feels like I have. I love the sign too and than mansion...WOW. Bet it is pretty lovely inside.


  7. Wow, what manicured lawns and trees at that mansion! Beautiful! What great photos JoJo, thank you for the tour!