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July 26, 2013

Some Souvenirs

You laugh, but this is me in a cool place with lots of shops.....

So here are some of the things I got in PTown:

For my sweetie pie.

Glass floats that I've wanted to buy only like forever.  This set was only $10.00.  I've seen them in BBay and Wareham for way more money!

A little fuzzy lobstah followed me home.  I haven't name him yet.  I have a plush lobster, also bought in PTown years ago, and his name is Crusty Crustacean.  So I'm open for name ideas for this little guy.  

OK I didn't actually buy this, but I took a pic of it so that I could, um, 'improve' on it.... so.  But before anyone says I'm being mean, HE is the one that keyed in on the 5 lb rib roast when I posted my pics on Facebook.  

Some postcards and a New Brunswick license plate.  I could have sworn I had one but wasn't sure so I bought it just in case, and I didn't have one!

It bums me out that these novelty license plate cards no longer carry my or Russell's names.  So I got this one.

3 little bottles for a buck, so I got them in 2 sizes.

The fish bottle.  Have no idea what to do with it and I seriously have no more room for dust collecting bric a brac  objets d'art, but it's just so quirky.  Never seen anything like this before.  Plus it was cheap.

I got 2 of the cobalt and the one cranberry.

I could so easily have spent a ton of money up there.  There's always next time.  


  1. A collector never has enough, there's always one more of our faves that we need. If these 'pretties' make us happy, so be it.

    Better if they come at a bargain, too, JoJo.

  2. You've a sharp eye for treasures, JoJo. I really like those glass floats too, haven't seen them before.

    Happy Friday and weekend.

  3. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Wow. Those are some great finds and I would've bought the fish too! And I love those bottles.. Yay you. Shopping is always so much fun! :)

  4. Great finds JoJo! Love the floats and that fish bottle is a must have. I collect neat bottles too. Well, okay I only have a few but I like 'em lol.

  5. Anonymous4:08 AM

    I think Crusty Crustacean should retain his original name!

  6. So, it's one house for you, Russell and the dogs, and another for the collection?

  7. Love the floats - great score there. I too just bought a bunch of little bottles for an upcoming project.