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July 28, 2013

Of Jars, Bottles and Buttons

I just had to make some more painted jars.  Unfortunately, I just cannot freehand designs very well at all.  I looked at and saved some really pretty pictures from Pinterest and the interwebs, but alas, about all I can do is put uneven dots all over my projects.  

So here's a small purple jar I did.  It took approximately 6 or 7 coats to get to this colour and due to some streaking issues, I ended up doing the last 2 coats by sponging it on to create texture.

This was actually the second jar that I did, back in June.  I learned a very valuable lesson:  Never put this project outside to dry on a hot, humid day.  This got screwed up big time and required a rather drawn out salvage process.  I used a stencil to make the design.  I laid the jar outside on the side of the grill, with this design face up.  Unfortunately, the sun baked the paint to the stencil not the jar so when I removed the stencil, all the paint came with it.  Additionally, the back side of the jar melted to the grill, so when I picked up the jar, part of the aqua paint pulled away.  I had to carefully remove the stencil and then try to freehand the design as best as I could.

After I filled in the gaping hole with many layers of paint, the only way to truly cover it up was to flip the stencil upside down and put the largest silver dot over the repaired hole.

With Epsom salts and a candle.

Here's one I did with 6 coats of blue paint and more glittery dots.

I couldn't wait to paint the little bottles I got in PTown!!!

I made a huge design boo-boo on that black & white one; the screw up is on the back.  I also added button flowers for them.

Then I saw this adorable project on line too....might have been Pinterest or a link someone posted to my timeline:  Button caterpillars.  I knocked this one together in about 10 minutes and was surprised at how adorable it is! 

Couldn't make just one.

Oh my goodness!  So CUTE!


They are just a little too addictive to make.  

Then I found a package of different coloured sparkly pipe cleaners.  The possibilities are endless!

I am going to see how they sell at the Legion Craft Fair this year, although I admit to being attached to them and not wanting to part with them!


  1. Button Art - they look like something kids or adults will like. Put a button caterpillar on a computer, a lamp, etc.

    It's always worth a try at a craft fair.

    The jars are my fave. I love the look of colored glass.

  2. Ah love the caterpillars and the jars are lovely too,you must have so much fun doing these.

  3. Good for pipe cleaner manufacturers that they have other uses, now that so few people smoke pipes!

  4. Those bottles are elaborate - beautiful colors. And the caterpillars brought smiles to my face.

    Have a great Sunday and new week, JoJo.


  5. Love all of these!!! I must make something...soon!!! I am feeling creative :}


  6. The bottles are really pretty!! I can just imagine how colorful your house is with all these colorful knick knacks all about!


  7. I think all of your creations are wonderful. I can understand your dilemma. Would be tempting to keep them.

    Hope you had a pleasant weekend.

    Gary :)

  8. Thanks everyone! I really, truly don't have room for anymore knick knacks at all. Still.....I have a weak spot for colour and glitter.

  9. The bottles are so charming. I love how sunlight pours through colored glass and it all simply glows.

  10. Love the caterpillars! Also the P-town bottles are just so cute.

  11. Love the caterpillars! Also the P-town bottles are just so cute.

  12. Honest, I only typed that once. ;)

  13. Wow, love the pic of the jar with the candle lit - so pretty! Sorry to hear of your "challenges" with the drying of the paint, the grill and the sun - yikes! I fear I would have given up.

    LOVE the little caterpillars! Too cute!

  14. Aw, I LOVE what you did with the little bottles!

  15. the caterpillars are so cute! I love the button flowers on top of those jars, they are so quirky