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July 30, 2013

Custom Work

Occasionally my friends will ask me to do custom work for them and I'm always happy to oblige.  My friend Dorleen was in Florida during the spring and found a rare & rather large shark tooth.  She wanted me to make it into a necklace for her.  I wrapped it in heavy silver wire to make it into a pendant, then put it on silver chain.

My friend Michelle's cousin, Pam, who is now a friend of mine, asked me to do a couple of soleless sandals for her.  It took 3 tries of restringing to get it to fit right.  I know they look cool, and easy, but it's not a project I enjoy. 

And my friend Laurel asked me if I could sew some Harley patches on her denim jacket.


  1. You're sweet to do that stuff for your friends!
    Tina @ Life is Good

  2. You do these for free or at a cost? It's harder to charge when it's a friend. I usually barter when someone wants something made, or I make them as a gift.

    How nice of you, JoJo.

  3. For a fee, although I probably won't charge for the patch friend is having significant health issues.

  4. The shark tooth necklace looks stunning.

  5. Amazing stuff! Love those beaded sandals.


  6. Very cool of you JoJo! I had never heard of "soleless sandals" before! Love the shark tooth necklace you created!

  7. Anonymous11:44 AM

    You REALLY need to open your own store - even if it's a 'virtual' one!

  8. Wow! I was wondering what type of stone that first picture was, so I'm surprised to learn that it's a shark's tooth. It's gorgeous, and you did a beautiful job with it.

    Be well, JoJo.

    Thanks for being a new, loyal bloggy friend.


  9. The shark tooth reminded me of a trip we took to Florida and I asked my daughter if there was anything she wanted me to get for her. She said she would really love an alligator tooth for a necklace.

    I searched several places and never could find a single tooth, but we did find some baby alligator heads for sale, so I bought her one of those. I carefully wrapped it up for her for Christmas and I have never seen her laugh SO HARD as when she opened that up! Tears were running down our faces as we discussed putting it on a chain and wearing it. :D

    So nice of you to do things for your friends.

  10. That shark tooth pendant's fab, but I dunno if I could wear another creature's tooth. :-)

  11. Great job JoJo! Thanks for all your kind comments about my son by the way :)

  12. JoJo you did a wonderful job of sewing on the patches, very profession lookng.

    The wire wrapped sharkes tooth also turned out beautifully and I bet the beaded, soleless sandals look marvelous on. But I bet trying to fit something like that can be a real bear as it is not as forgiving, size wise, as a bracelet or anklet would be.