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May 29, 2013


I recently attended the 3rd birthday party of an adorable little girl, who is Russell's great niece.  They live in Wareham on a beautiful piece of property that has a cool path to a little private beach.   

This is the beach that's part of the property.

No beach glass though.  :-(

These next few pics were taken on the walk back to the house from the beach.

Looking back at the trail

Perfect for a softball or soccer game!

I took this from the front porch of the house.

Also taken from the porch.


  1. Lovely views from their house and imagine having a private beach,how lucky they are.

  2. what a great view from the front porch! :)

  3. Oh, I LOVE Johnny Jump-ups! Somehow my mind equates beach with lots of sand, not greenery, but I suppose it really is a beach. I am pretty sure some of that lovely drift wood might have had to find its way into my studio for some action--sea glass and drift wood... mmm!

    Lovely pictures and a great spot for a little party action.

  4. Anonymous12:13 PM

    I'll be there for my vacation!

  5. Looks like a little bit of paradise tucked in amongst the trees. Very, private and serene.

    That last photo of the violas (Johnny Jump-ups) is wonderful. Wish we could grow them here but it is too hot and humid. They sprouted everywhere, like weeds, in Bend, Oregon.

  6. I had no idea what you guys were talking about with 'Johnny Jump Ups'!! lol I have never heard of that in my life. I thought they were pansies! I had to google it.

  7. I think they are pansies, JoJo, but very small ones. They have another name I can't recall.

  8. Yes, found it, Heartsease!

  9. Anonymous4:41 PM

    This looks like a slice of heaven on earth!!

  10. What beautiful photos! The beach area looks so serene and the walk there is lovely! Would love to visit there!

  11. Looks like a wonderful place!
    Tina @ Life is Good

  12. Loved every picture! I wish I could walk along those paths... your weather seems good these days, isn't it?
    Ahh.. the flower - are they wild??so pretty!

  13. Beautiful photos! And the post on toys - took me right back to my childhood, thank you!
    Suzanne @Suzannes Tribe

  14. It really is a beautiful piece of property. We have a standing invite to bring the doggies down there to play in the water!

  15. Wow! What a property! It's like having your own forest AND beach! Wonderful!