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May 23, 2013

Stuff for Friends

Oh, before I get to the stuff I made to send to a couple friends, here's the first successful stencil I've ever done.  I have these glittery watercolour paints that I forgot I bought years ago so I tested them out with a large metal stencil.  First time the medium didn't bleed under the holes.  

My dear friend and sister, Lady Axe, has been identifying more and more with Native American spirituality, especially the power of Mother Bear.  I found this commercially-produced arrowhead in my craft stuff and recycled the bear charm off of an old necklace of mine and made her this necklace.

I made her a medicine wheel with ribbon, beads and a feather.  It's quite small, probably 4" from top of wheel to bottom of feather.

This dreamcatcher surfaced in my supplies as well, as did the carved stone bear bead, so I added waxed linen cord with metal, glass, wood & ceramic beads, and a rawhide lace hanger.

My freshman year college roomie, Angie, is wonderfully creative and we had so much fun making stuff in our dorm room after our homework was done.  She continues to inspire me with her photos and artwork so I made this project I saw on Pinterest.  This is a small box I covered with paper, ribbon, real wood and an old key.

Inside the cover on the left and the project on the right.

She loves architecture and doors, so I used some door ephemera and made a fold out picture book, which is adhered to the bottom of the inside of the box.  Then I decorated the pages by crudely drawing doodles.

And the back side of the pages.


  1. Anonymous8:13 AM

    like always i love ur work :)
    Heres a lil some thing for you and ur lovely blog:) hugssss

  2. Lucky recipients of your cool gifts JoJo! Love the key!

  3. These are really nice! The medicine wheel is beautiful. :D

  4. Lady Axe will be absolutely delighted with the lovely things that you've made for her. They have the look and spiritual feel of Native American artifacts.

    From all of these craft projects, it is evident that you have been one very busy lady. :) Great to see that your creativity is freely flowing.

  5. I love the gift with pix of doors. A well-thought out and touching gift. All the little touches say you care.

    I respect Mother Bear too, she is generous and wise. Something to aspire to.

  6. Anonymous12:11 PM

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  7. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Apologies, I was hitting all the right keys, but not necessarily in the right order ;0)

    What I was TRYING to say was you need to open a store to sell your wonderful goodies!

  8. Bleeding stencils. Swearing in English, but a fact worldwide!