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February 23, 2013

Not Really a Cat-Person, But......

I cannot get enough of Tardar Sauce, the Grumpy Cat.  Or her brother Pokey.  I seek out their pictures and memes that have gone viral over the past couple of months.  Videos.  Anything I can find on them. There was a Christmas meme that just had me howling with laughter.  Face and stomach cramp inducing, tears pouring down my cheeks laughing.  I must visit The Daily Grump every day.  They are the cutest cats I have ever seen and I wish I could cuddle them both.  Tard doesn't have a grumpy disposition according to her human.  It's just the way her face is shaped.  She seems to be tiny for almost a year old and has trouble walking and jumping.  I think one of the articles I read said that she may be a dwarf cat.  

When I see their pictures, I cannot help but say 'SQUEEEEEE!!! GUM AN POE!!!'  Because of course in my animal baby talk, I call her Gumpy.  I assume that's why he was named Pokey, for Gumby and Pokey.  And when I see a close up of Poe, I squeal, 'Po-KEEEEYYYYYYY' with the emphasis on the 'key'.  

These are still clips from a video that is one of the cutest things I've ever seen and heard.  They got a child to provide the Grumpy Cat narration so that alone is extremely endearing.  And the music used is perfect too. THIS is the link to the HuffPo article.  Just scroll down to the video and click play.  Trust me, you won't be sorry.  It's only a little over a minute.  

The memes have been a riot.

"Iz in yer livinroom, hatin' yer football".


This nod to Big Bang Theory had me in snots.

Mt. Grumpmore

A comparison to Statler & Waldorf of 'The Muppets'.  

I realize that she's on the edge of overexposure, and some people are griping on FB that they are getting tired of seeing Tard all over their newsfeeds, but I still can't get enough of her & Pokey.  

Have you seen Grumpy?  What do you think?  


  1. I could never get enough!!! Cracks me up no matter how many times I've seen these. I never saw the one about slipping into something more comfortable - of course I just laughed out loud. I'm printing that one to go on my board at work! TOO FUNNY!

  2. That is the cutest cat. I think Grumpy cat is hilarious.


  3. hi, Jojo!
    Yes, I also stumbled upon Grumpy cat few months ago, She is so cute and I do understand that it's only her face is grumpy, not she herself:) But this cat is unique. Like her!
    Thanks for lifting up my mood with those funny pics.
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. I think they are adorable. Their mother appears completely normal, so their deformity is just unfortunate. They are lucky to have owners who cherish them.

    I just cringe that they don't konw that it's "tartar" sauce, so the name is completely wrong!

  5. With 5 cats of our own, we have plenty of feline amusement... Only arrived with one, but four have found us since then. Hard to say no to abandoned, abused critters. No empty nest for us!

  6. Grumpy cat is cute. I'm not on Facebook a whole lot but seems like I see at least one meme every time I am on! Thanks for sharing these. :)

  7. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Not a cat person - at all - but they're funny

  8. You and the cats gave me a few smiles this morning. I've had cats and dogs, so I like both, but right now we only have Sid the visitor.

    Normal cats can get this grumpy, too. Enjoyed the reminder of what we humans look like when we frown too much. . .

  9. Loved your sequence of photos! I looked at them a few times laughing out loud before commenting! Grumpy is adorable.

  10. It's interesting, how some folks have to preface their appreciation of funny cat pics by saying they're "not cat people." I rarely, if ever hear people who don't have dogs saying they're "not dog people!" It's like it's shameful to appreciate cats publicly, or some such thing. Wonder why that is...

  11. I am proud to say I AM a cat person and I LOVE Grumpy Cat! I shall now go to see the video...thanks for the link!

  12. I too love Grumpy Cat! The Hell No Kitty one was the best!

  13. I've seen some of these photos on FB that cat has an amazing face.

  14. LMAO!! I love it!! I have to admit that Hell No Kitty brought the snot bubbles and tears out of me! LOL Thank you for the laugh.


  15. ROTFL at Grumpy Cat!!! Love these! :-D

  16. Adorable, I have seen her a lot but didn't know her name. I love cats sticking their tongues out, like my cousin's cat Ziggy does all the time. Its the cutest thing!