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October 26, 2012

Natural Crafties

I kinda helped myself to a couple of leaves from that super bright tree that I posted pics of a few days ago and made a Canadian flag with one of them.  It should be noted that I first attempted to preserve the leaves using a glycerin & water technique with poor results, so I went with the old standby:  Clear contact paper.  Used double stick tape to adhere it to the cardstock.

Acorn caps and beads.  Drilled a hole thru the cap and used some glue to keep them in place, then put the head pin through and added a seed bead on the bottom to make the point of the acorn bead.  Last, I painted the caps with clear nail polish.

It is surprisingly hard to find beads to fit the caps...or hard to find caps to fit my beads, whichever.

Here's another attempt at leaf stamping with paints.  

And here are some gorgeous maple leaves I sealed in clear contact paper.

This one tree had several leaves with a red spot on them.


  1. Those acorn caps and beads are so pretty! Love them, and your Canadian flag is pretty cool! I am always amazed at your creativity. You truly have a gift.


  2. Like Kathy said, you DO have a gift! The acorn caps are gorgeous! They would make awesome Christmas tree decorations.

  3. Awesome JoJo!!! LOVE the Canuck flag of course ;)

    The acorn beads are truly beautiful! What a fantastic idea!

  4. I should be an expert crafter by now, but I'm still as hopeless as when you first started explaining your talents to us.

  5. Clever how you did that with the maple leaves, well all of it is great, actually

  6. Ohhhh fall art! :D Lovely! Usually, glycerin works well if the leaves are attached to the branch, then they suck it in nicely! :)


  7. Love the Canadian maple leaves, JoJo! And the acorn caps are a great idea, too. What a creative mind you have.

    Thanks for sharing, you page brightens my day. You see the detail in life.

  8. Thanks everyone! :D The yellow leaf with the red spot turned brown, despite being preserved. The red leaves seem to be holding up well though.