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July 29, 2012

Flowers at Mom's

My parents were avid gardeners and I enjoyed fresh vegetables all summer long when I was growing up.  Mom loved her flower gardens too.  But sadly, she is unable to tend to the beds the way she used to, so only a few continue to bloom each year.  I know, I know, "why don't you go over there and do them?"  Well, as I have discussed throughout the years, I am not a fan of yardwork or gardening.  If you want to kill a plant, give it to me and I'll kill it good.  The other day she asked me to plant something for her and after grumbling, I did it, only to find out a day or so later that I'd screwed up even that simple task and the plant was dying, so she had to pull it out and put it back in the pot.  

What still remain are these gorgeous purple balloon flowers.

And the hydrangea bush I gave her when I was 9, in the spring of 1974.

The moon looked cool in the blue sky the morning I was over at her house.


  1. You like me,can kill a bonzai,and they are hard to kill.. love the story of the bush,and gorgous balloon fowers :) vu <3 :D

  2. You are so good at bringing back so many good memories. I can remember growing up and all of the flowers my mother had planted in the backyard. Wonderful lilies and morning glories and tulips. The lilac tree beside the house that has been there forever and happened to be located right at my bedroom window. That smell is one of the best in the spring! I did OK with plants but my greatest acheivement was a small cactus that I kept for years and grew to 5 feet before it caught a disease and died.

  3. Pam's right....and i have killed a bonsai AND I killed a cactus! Nantz, the only flowers that bloom in my yard are ones the prior owner planted. I love lilacs too!

  4. Enjoyed the photos of the flowers. I have a green thumb with everything but cactus - however, I have been coddling an Aloe plant and it's doing great. (good for burns & other things) I do grow several herbs in pots as well. Great for cooking.

    I have killed gardenias (they're awfully picky) but they smell wonderful.

    Nice of you to try and help your mom!

  5. Haha! Good one! The flowers are stunning, the delicate shades are gorgeous! :D


  6. I love hydrangeas but can't get them to bloom. I think it has to with soil acidity or something. The Balloon flowers run rampant in my garden but they are gorgeous when they are all in bloom.

  7. Gardening is not one of my favorite things either, I really don't like to be outside when it's hot. The purple flowers are beautiful, and the hydrangea bush has amazing colors!
    Everyday Inspired

  8. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Unfortunately, I always think plants need more water than they probably do, so wind up drowning them. My mother however is blessed with green fingers.

  9. Could the bluish flowers be a form of campanula? They are bell-shaped, and come in various sizes.

  10. Anonymous8:19 PM

    I love the hydrangea bush and I'd love to find some of those ballon flowers for my garden....

  11. Those hydrangeas? To die for.