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June 30, 2012

6/30/11: Edgerton, WI to Westlake, OH

We left a little late in the morning of June 30th, because we were very close to Chicago and wanted the morning commute to die down.

Edgerton, WI


Entering Chicago.


Indiana's a fairly short state, so we pushed into Ohio.

Stayed the night in Westlake, just outside of Cleveland

Day 5:  Approximately 450 miles

Most memorable moments:  Leaving late to avoid traffic in Chicago only to get stuck in traffic in Chicago, accidentally going through a toll without paying (till I got to the east coast, then I paid it late), the guy in front of us who had his license plate covered so he didn't have to pay the toll, Russell repeatedly stating that this part of the country is 'boring', me running out of things to shoot pictures of.


  1. Anonymous1:59 PM

    I love your road trips - they're NEVER 'boring'

  2. We're about to embark on a huge road trip....1000+ miles to............................................................Cape Cod!!!!

  3. OMG BARBRA!!! You're headed HERE?! SWEET!!!!!!!!

  4. That is a LONG treck! haha! Nice that you enjoy hours in that car! :)


  5. How very cool that you got a shot of the Elkhart water tower! That is where I am from. :D I am really enjoying following along on your journey.