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April 30, 2012

Zodiac Compatibility

I sometimes think there is something to astrology and the zodiac.  All the descriptions I've seen of Sagittarius, good and bad, have been pretty accurate, although there are some descriptions that aren't true in my case.

Same with my Aries squeeze.

Just for grins, I looked up our compatibility and was pleasantly surprised by the description:

"Aries and Sagittarius make an ideal combination and the compatibility between the two zodiac signs is quite good. The relationship between the two will be full of enthusiasm, passion, zeal and adventure. Both of them will complement each other in almost every way and there will be a light playfulness in the love match. The energy levels of both, an Aries as well as a Sagittarian, are quite high and neither of them will be required to subdue his enthusiasm even a slightest bit. Sagittarius will never ever feel threatened by the aggressiveness of Aries and Aries will add to the strength of Sagittarius.

Both of them need their individual space and will let the other person have his freedom too. In this relationship, no one will rule the other. One person will help the other in fighting tough times and will never ever let the other feel too low about failures. They will always stand by each other, whatever be the situation. Money is something they will have to be careful about. This is because the combination of an Aries and a Sagittarian means the entire shopping mall at home! Together, they will travel to far off places and fulfill their adventure needs.

Aries Man and Sagittarius Woman: The love match of an Aries man with a Sagittarius woman is one of those matches that were truly made in heaven. He will keep her entertained with his intelligence, while she will mesmerize him with her creativity. Their conversations will be intellectually stimulating. Both share a love for adventure and will mostly be on move, exploring new people and new places. Sagittarian woman will love his funny sense of humor and Aries man will find her charm intriguing. Except for a few glitches here and there, they will hardly find a problem with each other."

Our Chinese Zodiac compatibility is also spot on:

"Chinese Tiger and Dragon can have long lasting passion. They are affectionate and deeply care about each other. They will go to great lengths to make sure the other feels appreciated and desired. Their main problem is that both partners want to be in charge. They may fight about this a lot. They are well matched in this area, both in passion and emotion.

To make this union work, Tiger needs to be emotionally available to Dragon and Dragon needs to allow Tiger some space. They both need to learn to let go of their competitive natures when it comes to their relationship. Their magnetic personalities attract each other like moths to a flame. They are highly compatible in the bedroom. Dragon must figure out how to possess Tiger, who is courageous and independent. Tiger's emotional depth is understanding and compassionate. This makes for a dynamic and ever interesting relationship.

When this pairing consists of Tiger man and Dragon woman, they can find a perfect harmony."


  1. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Having reached Z, I think you deserve a drink!

  2. VERY COOL!! Great job, JoJo!!

  3. Good choice for Z JoJo! Looks like the two of your are a good match. Then sort of knew that. ;) I am interested in the zodiac too. Used to be into it a lot more than I have been for a long time. Back in my early twenties I was learning how to do charts and did a pretty decent job at it. Wouldn't have a clue now lol.

  4. I'm a Sag, also!!!
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  6. I'm an Aries and never have dated a Sagittarius. Maybe that explains all my disastrous relationships!

  7. I am a Taurus and was married to a scorpian we got along fine.

    Congrats on the completion of the challenge.


  8. You must tell us where you unearthed those adorable zodiac icons!

    & yes, yes, years ago (in college) my BFF, despite being a woman of science, was heavily influenced by the zodiac. I'll have to admit some of it is intriguing...

    (I'm a Pisces BTW; Gemini hubby - are we doomed? ;-)

  9. Hooray!! You made it to Z!! I was really into trying to figure out compatibility from the zodiac when I was a teenager. It was a lot of fun, and often dead on. It was uncanny how the characteristics matched the people. So glad I found you on the A to Z!


  10. Aries guy - he can't be all bad then... just like me :)

    Congrats on making to the end, Jojo - you've been great company :)

  11. congrats on making it to the end and thx for all the comments en route

  12. Hi JoJo, good post. I am not so sure about the Chinese Zodiac, but my Star sign is Taurus and I am the most stubborn person I know, so there must be truth to them. Congrats on making it through the challenge. Also congrats, for winning my giveaway, remember the beading book? Please email with your mailing addy so I can send you the book. sorry to leave this in your comments. Didn't know how else to reach you.

  13. I don't put much stock in Astrology but Zodiac is a good choice for Z.

    Congratulations on making it through the A to Z Challenge. Join us on May 7th with your Challenge Reflections post.

    Places I Remember
    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  14. No wonder I like ya so much - I'm a Sag too! :-)

    I've found the descriptive aspect of astrology (description of folks' personalities, that is) more accurate than the predictive (though perhaps I've just yet to find one who interprets transits well for me) - BUT - we're all so much more than our Sun signs. For example, Sagittarians aren't known for being jealous types, yet I've got some Scorpio action in my natal chart that kicks my possessiveness up quite a few notches!

    I've found this nifty site, Cafe Astrology, where you can get your natal chart done for free - and I think these gals' interpretations of things quite good, but you do need to know what time you were born to get the most complete info: (They also provide free romantic compatibility reports!

    It's been great meeting and reading you, JoJo - and I'll be back for more!

    Some Dark Romantic

  15. I admit that I used to read Zodiac stuff. But when I discovered that some bitch I know has the same exact Zodiac as mine, I stopped reading it. Probably it goes with who invented it. I'm obviously not Chinese. (Not being racist here, by the way.) I just stopped believing in it when I tried visualizing it through the bitch's perspective. LOL I'm bad. It makes my life fun.

  16. Oh, forgot, I'm a Scorpio Pig. :-)

    A Ladybug's Life


  17. happy the stars are aligned in making your match. There is much wisdom in astro. Just always wondered how it would be if it were a man man relationship, would it make a difference to the reading? hmmmmm

  18. I don't believe in astrology forecasting what our day will be like but I do believe there is something to it in the way the signs are described and their compatibility with the others. Congrats on making it to the end of the challenge :)

  19. I'm Sagittarius also. :-)

    I'm interested in astrology. I have to agree that most of the descriptions do fit me although not all. I was born on the cusp so I think I favor Scorpio in some very small ways.

    I enjoyed reading your post.

  20. I'm a Sagittarius too! I thought it was funny how true those things they say are about Sagittarius were usually true.
    Everyday Inspired

  21. I am Virgo, Aries rising... daughter is Aries, Virgo rising. We figure that explains everything.

    Stalin was a Sagittarius! :P