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April 27, 2012

X-Files: The Truth is Out There

I loved the first four seasons of The X-Files.  As is my usual 'MO', I come to shows a little bit late, so I didn't get into X-Files till a couple of years had gone by.  My cousin Diane had developed a HUGE crush on David Duchovny and she was after me to watch the show.  She sent me a VHS tape of 6 hours' worth of episodes.  I watched the first one and was hooked.  That was a marathon day, watching all 6 hours right in a row.  When I was done, I called her and said, "MORE! NOW!"  She dubbed off a few more episodes for me, to catch me up, while I began watching each Sunday night.

I joined the fan club too.  It came with this I Want to Believe poster.  That was really the main reason I joined the fan club, to get the poster.  

The scenery in the episodes was awesome too; I found out it was shot in and around Vancouver, BC.  Although I must say, the PNW region made for a very poor stand-in for episodes that took place in Marin County (where I was living when I watched the show) and Massachusetts!!!  There was one episode, "Ascension", where Mulder is in a gondola going up the mountain and his nemesis, Alex Krycek, stopped the ride, stranding Mulder & leaving him swinging high above the ground.  He climbed out the top and climbed the cables to get to the top.  It was supposed to be set at the fictional Skyland Mountain, in the Blue Ridge of Virginia, but there was all of Vancouver and the Strait of Georgia, far below, as seen in this picture:

Ain't no way that realistically could pass for Virginia!!  For one thing, you can't see water from the Blue Ridge Mountains.  But I digress.

This was my pumpkin, Halloween of 1997 in Fairfax, CA.

Put it in the front window with the purple lava lamp and Tesla Coil Ball.  It looked wicked cool but I think we got a grand total of 4 kids that night.

I thought the show was on the way to jumping the shark after Season 4.  They moved the show out of Vancouver to Los Angeles which totally changed the look.  Gone were the foggy, primeval, creepy forests , lakes and streams.  They never made any attempt to explain what happened to Mulder's sister Samantha, or what happened to Scully when she was abducted.  The movie came out and I went to see it, and I left as confused as when I went in.  It was like, Come ON already!  What happened to Samantha? Was it really aliens? Or a government experiment in cloning based on alien technology?  I never did find out if that was resolved.

Still, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny had amazing chemistry on screen, but off screen they weren't friends and barely spoke, yet on the show I really thought they were gonna get together.  Skinner was great, although he pissed me off more than once.  The Cigarette Smoking Man was one of my faves, so was Krycek.  But then David left, Gillian's role was greatly reduced and no offense to either Annabeth Gish or Robert Patrick, both of whom I love, the show just lost everything about it that made it so great.

I have lots of fave episodes, it's too hard to pick just one.  They were all pretty awesome, those first 4 years.  "Home" is the one that sticks out the most, from Season 4, because it pushed the envelope so much that it's rarely ever broadcast as a rerun.  You can read about it HERE.  I've watched it a couple times on the DVD, and let's just say that I'll never be able to hear Johnny Mathis' "It's wonderful, wonderful" the same way again.

Did you like the X-Files?  What was your fave episode?


  1. Ohmigosh, I LOOOOOOOVED The X Files!!!!! I think I came to the show the way you did, a few seasons in, though I admit I stopped watching around 1999 (I broke up with a dude with whom I shared a number of X-Files memories, so it had to go, unfortunately). But I can now enjoy repeats on cable with my kid. :-)

    I agree with you about the creepy atmospheric settings being a major part of its allure, as well as all the unresolved sexual tension between Scully and Mulder. I have to say, though, that the episodes I loved best were usually the comedic ones (I *adored* “Jose Chung's From Outer Space" and "Bad Blood!")

    Some Dark Romantic

  2. My fave comedic one was "Small Potatoes" with the guy who could shape shift and he shape shifted into Mulder. It was soooo funny to watch David Duchovny act so awkward with Scully, and then when he goes into 'Mulder's' office and looks at all the stuff and makes a crack about his tax dollars at work.

  3. I never got to see it. Going to have to check Hulu and see if they have it archived there. I love your X-Files pumpkin...that looks so cool shining out through the window. :)

  4. I loved this show, too, and am still so gutted that it finished. I agree about the loss of Mulder and Scully - if only it could have carried on with them with all those unresolved mysteries you mention explained. It has been so long since I saw it that I can't think of a favourite episode just now, though I know one (or several) will pop into my memory as soon as I've submitted this comment.

  5. That used to be my husband's and my favorite way to spend our Sunday evenings! We were so sad when it ended. Although, to be honest, I didn't like it without Mulder. The first seasons were the best!

  6. Hi, JoJo!

    I've seen some of the X-file episodes; its a great sci-fi!

    I watched an episode last night as a matter of fact; the one where, Dana was stung by one of the bees and was infected with a virus.

    It would be great if there were a new series coming out!

    The pumpkin is incredible!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. I was a great fan, too, but like you, I lost interest when it went peculiar (odd thing to say about such a programme...) and I never even thought of watching it without Mulder and Scully.

  8. I liked the X-Files. I don't watch a lot of TV--intentionally. But if I happen to walk past the TV and the X-Files is on, it is one of the shows I will just sit down and watch. I did go see the movie when it was released, too.

    I love the concept, and though it may be a nerdy outlook, I agree with much of what the show set forth.

    Changing subjects, There was a Jackie Chan movie--can't recall which one, that was set in New York, but filmed in the PNW. And the same thing happened in one of the scenes. A big, old,snow-capped mountain was in the background. :-)

    Great X-post :-)

  9. Anonymous1:46 PM

    I still have my X-Files pin and if I hear 'Somewhere beyond the sea' any time, the hairs on the back of next still stand up.....

  10. The X Files is one of those shows that I know I would like if I would just take the time and sit down and watch it. Unfortunately there are never enough hours in the day to do that sort of thing *sigh*.

    The Husband loved it though, he even used to have the soundtrack to the show on CD xD.

  11. I might be the only person to never have never watched a single episode of The X Files. I was never into Sci-Fi and still not.

    Love you Halloween display though.

  12. I really did like the X files alot, but wasnt really into it big time, because my limited tv time had to be spent catching up on my 3fave soap operas. Yup, closet soap fan here. I finally saw the movie on On Demand not too long ago and I did like it. The only show that I have ever been a totally mad raving fanatic of though, was Lost.

  13. Your X-Files Pumpkin was a work of art! My hubby is a fan, so I've caught most of the series on DVD. Was definitely drawn in by the Mulder/Scully dynamics and mysteries. A fav episode of mine is "Arcadia" in Season 6. They pose as a married couple (Rob and Laura Petrie) in the suburbs. It's a funny Monster-of-the-week type episode.

  14. I was a HUGE x-files fan, though I stopped watching after Duchovny left. There's no way I could pick a favourite episode - too many of them where totally awesome. I loved the obligatory flashlight beam in the dark in almost every episode. I saw the movie too.

  15. Nope, Bev -- you're one of three people. Mike and I are the same way -- not into SciFi at all. (Well, except for the old time classic monster flicks!) But JoJo, your pumpkin was amazing! I can understand why you didn't have many trick-or-treaters, though. Your window looked way too SCARY!!!! ;)

  16. I never took the time to watch, although my husband and I might be doing so soon as it appears to be rather interesting. However my parents loved the show and named our dog Scully.

  17. I loved the X-Files too, I also think there is other life out there, can't wait until we find them, hopefully they will be nice! I didn't wait it all the time although I do watch the occasional episode still on si fi channel.

  18. I loved the x-files!! It is one of my favorite shows of all times. This was such a great post, it brought back lots of great memories of getting together with my sister every week to watch the show.
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