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April 25, 2012

Victoria BC: My Fave Place

My regular readers have lived my various and sundry adventures to Vancouver Island and my fave city, Victoria, BC.  Search the word "Victoria" on this blog and tons and tons of posts and photos will pop up, should you wish to view photos of this beautiful Garden City.

I love to shop, and I have come home from each trip to Vic with tons of souvenirs, mostly made in China - a resin box, a waterglobe, keychains, a toy doubledecker bus, antique beaded purses, etc. etc.  However, I always made sure to also purchase arts and crafts made by local artisans.  Here are some pictures of some pieces I've picked up in Victoria.

This orca whale pendant was made on Vancouver Island.  It was sold on a black cord but I made a necklace for it.

This notecard of the BC Legislative Buildings is called "Night Light" by Blaine Jackson.  I have another of his notecards featuring the Empress Hotel.  I looked him up online and found out that he passed away at age 44, in 1999.  

Another notecard of Parliament, also called "Night Lights" by artist Grant Fuller.  I have a second one of his of Butchart Gardens.

I fell in love with these paint splattered and beaded notecards and bought one, or more, on every trip to Victoria.  They are made by a First Nations Artist on Vancouver Island, but I was unable to locate her name in my scrapbooks.  

This was the last one I was able to purchase, in late 2010 on what would be my last trip to Vic.  The owner of the store that sold them, Instinct Art & Gifts, told me that she was no longer making the cards, they had been unable to get ahold of her for many months, and this was the last one they had. 

This gorgeous beaded purse is by Liane Mann at Amulet Art.  She had the most amazing selection of amulet bags that she'd made and was selling at the Bastion Square Festival of the Arts.  It was hard to choose just one!!  Sadly, I never saw her there again and her website is gone.  I am so grateful to have purchased one of her beautiful bags.

An amazing painting by the brothers at SprayBombs.  I highly recommend checking out the link and watching the time elapsed video of how they create a painting.  These young men have been painting on the Inner Harbour Causeway in the summer for years.  Just like with the amulet bags, I had a hard time choosing one, and decided to go with this orca whale, to commemorate the whale watch I'd gone on a day or so before.

Finally, I was able to find a souvenir t-shirt, actually made in Canada, with a design by Keith Tait, of the Gitksan Carrier Band First Nations of Northern BC.

I don't know when I will get back to Victoria.  I hope to.....someday.


  1. I live in Vancouver, and Victoria is one of my favourite places, too. I like the British flavour.

    The inner harbour is picturesque and some of the smaller shops are fun to explore. I liked the photos you posted of the jewellry and the cards. I'm also glad you support the native crafts industry.

    Nice choices!

  2. The paint-spattered beaded notecards are simply wonderful. Thank you for sharing your shopping in Victoria.

  3. Great bead work---some of those are amazing!

  4. I've never been to Victoria but have always thought that it looked lovely. My only trip into Canada was to Niagara Falls and I loved the Canadian side so much more than the American side. They had the most beautiful flower gardens!

    I really like the notecards! I've always loved it when an artist can capture light in such a warm way. The necklace that you made for the orca pendant is really pretty. Great post JoJo...thanks for sharing your travels and treasures.

  5. We live so close yet I've never been there. I think we need to plan a weekend trip!!

  6. Wow- beautiful collection, JoJo!

    You really have an eye for beauty!

    The handbag is my favorite! It's gorgeous!

    Really appreciate being able to visit and encounter all that you share!

  7. You have quite a lovely collection. Love the beaded purse and the note cards. They are cool!!


  8. My dream is to travel, but my pocket is unable to do so. LOL I have so many places in mind that I wanted to visit. Perhaps I should add this place too. If only I have wings of my own...

    A Ladybug's Life


  9. Anonymous12:04 PM

    I hope to get back there some day too.......

  10. I've only been to Victoria once but I liked it - strange to see all those red British phone boxes and red buses

  11. I love finding arty things in small shops. I'm sure you could make the cards with the beads yourself, they would sell well.

  12. You have a better knack than me for finding great souvenirs. When I was in Canada, West Edmonton Mall was about the only place I managed to shop, and there were no shops there of local arts and crafts.

  13. It's on my bucket list to visit there. I am mentioning you in my post today. Should go up in awhile!

  14. This was a fantastic V post . Excellently written and beautiful pictures to compliament.


  15. Just beautiful, JoJo! I'd love to get to B.C. some day!!

  16. JoJo, until this very moment I was positive you were a MAN. Then I realized that you're a SHE and your headshot is Vincent D'ofrio... or somebody that looks just like him. Ruby has a Vincent thing going on... WHAT AM I MISSING HERE????? *laughing hysterically*
    I mean, he's great, right, but maybe there's some voodoo magic that's going around blogworld or something/???

    Anyway, LOVE that you love Vancouver. Me being a Canadian and all I always feel personally praised when someone says nice things about the country. Like I actually had something to do with it....

    LOVE what you did with the jewellery - your necklace is so much better and that t-shirt is one of the best local shirts I've ever seen.

    And JoJo, you're a GIRL!!!!!

  17. You've some really wonderful memento's of Victoria. I especially love the painting by the brothers at SprayBomb. The video was fascinating.

  18. Wow, You are quite the avid souvenier and art collector. Loving them all, especially that last painting by Spray Bombs. P.S. If ever I make it out your way, I am going to have to hunt you down and make you my very own personal shopper. You have great taste ;)

  19. Makes me want to visit Victoria, BC. Never been yet. The SprayBombs video was incredible! Watching them work is like performance art. The note cards with beads are so original and frame-worthy. A great find!