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March 23, 2012

Epic Beachcombing at Mashnee Island, Bourne

Armed with my trusty Cape Cod Street Atlas and Canine Co-Pilots, I headed down to Mashnee Island in Bourne, to see if there was any beach access near the beautiful waterfront homes.  I was not disappointed.  It is clear that this is not a beach that I will be able to visit during the summer months, as it is private, and I didn't have a sticker or any right to be down there.  But I had the place to myself on a late morning in early March.  

I'd never been down here before and lucked out with low tide.

There was a small ramp at the end of the jetty and this gate at the end was swung open against the sky.

Slipper shell full of water and sand.

This beach was full of shells, mostly slipper, but lots of quahog, oyster and clam shells too.  I found some bright yellow and orange Anomiidae shells too, also known as jingle shells or mermaid's toenails.

I had a dream once, several years ago, that I was beachcombing around a point where jetties met two bodies of water.  In the dream, I believe it was located at the bottom of South Africa or South America because the water was way more ocean-like.  Still, when I turned around and saw this view, that dream came rushing back.

I was extremely surprised to find such large pieces of beach glass.  I was hoping that I'd find at least one piece down here, given it's location, sticking out into Buzzards Bay near the western entrance of the Canal, but the size of these was truly amazing.  The three aqua pieces are from Coke bottles and you can see the raised writing on them.  That one large white piece on the right isn't quite worn all the way, but I snagged it anyway.  And that blue piece is just the tiniest chip, but as I have said before, no piece is ever turned down.

Shell & rock scores!  I do wish I could find someone to help me to identify the different pieces of quartz-like rocks that I find, especially since they come in so many colours.

Not sure I'll get a chance to head down there again now that tourist season is rapidly approaching, so this was an epic win!


  1. Anonymous1:07 PM

    What lovely pictures; obviously you were 'destined' to be able to visit, even if it's 'private' :0)

  2. At a time when so many people are without while others are grasping what they don't need, it's amazing that you present us with treasures that are free to anyone who has the vision to see what's before their eyes.

    Or something similar that actually makes sense...

  3. Mermaids toenails? That's kinda gruesome!

  4. Mermaids toenails? That's kinda gruesome!