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November 23, 2011

The Industry

Sonnia, over at a ladybug's life, posted a movie meme and invited folks to play along if they wanted.  I thought it'd be hard to come up with movies for this list, because I have never been much of a movie buff.  The only category with which I had trouble was 'Movie with Favourite Actress.'  I just don't have a fave movie actress,  so I went with a movie of Melissa Gilbert's that I liked a lot.  Feel free to copy and do this on your own blogs if you like.  So without further adieu:  

*Favourite Film:  To Kill A Mockingbird tied with Paper Moon.
*Least Favourite Film:  Biodome.  Pauly Shore=Worst. Actor. EVER.
*Favourite Comedy:  Airplane
*Favourite Drama:  The Shipping News
*Favourite Action:  The Presidio (plus Mark Harmon was dreamy, Sean Connery was dashing and Meg Ryan was hot, and it was shot in San Francisco).

*Favourite Horror/Suspense:  The Shining 
*Favourite Thriller:  Blair Witch Project
*Favourite Foreign Film:  If it has subtitles, I ain't watchin' it.  Snooze-fest City.
*Favourite Kid's Movie:  Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (Gene Wilder IS Willie Wonka).
*Favourite Love Story:  The Wedding Singer

*Favourite Chick Flick:  Fried Green Tomatoes
*Favourite Play Adaptation:  The Sound of Music
*Film That Is Your Guilty Pleasure:  Duct Tape Forever (The Red Green Movie)

*Film That Made You Cry The Hardest:  Rudy
*Film You Don't Want To Watch Again:  Silence of the Lambs
*Movie With Your Favourite Actress:  Family of Strangers (Melissa Gilbert).
*Movie With Your Favourite Actor:  Good Luck (Vincent D'Onofrio)
*Movie You Wish You Could Live In:  Harry Potter (I want to live, and open a shop, in Hogsmeade).
*Movie That Inspires You:  Thunderheart

*Movie(s) With Your Favourite Soundtrack:  Flashback, The Wedding Singer and Spirit of '76.
*Movie With The Most Beautiful Scenery:  First Blood  (filmed in Hope, British Columbia but set in Washington State).
*Movie You Are Embarrassed To Say You Like:  Ed Gein  (Look it up and prepare to be horrified).
*Movie With Your Favourite Villain:  Helter Skelter  (The same actor that plays Ed Gein also plays Charles Manson.  Do you see a trend here?)

*Movie With Your Favourite Superhero:  Return of the Jedi.  What, Luke Skywalker isn't a superhero?
*First Movie You Ever Remember Watching:  Yellow Submarine on TV, 1969 or 1970.
*Last Movie You Watched:  Harry Potter & the Deathy Hollows, Part One

For those of you in the USA, have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow!! 


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! Will probably work on this meme tonight. Depends on how many grandchildren end up at my house tonight. lol

  2. Now that I'm settled at work, I can now comment. LOL

    I love your movie blog, especially posting the movie posters with it. Some of the movies you've mentioned I haven't seen, so that would be a project for me. HeHe

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

    A Ladybug's Life


  3. Happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow.

    I'm not a film buff, either, though I make an exception for Himself. That said, I spent more than one night watching all-night showings of the Star Trek movies when there were only 4 of them, and I adore West Side Story, despite not liking musicals!

  4. Ooh, forgot to say, I am absolutely knocked out STILL by all The Beatles stuff. So many people from the pop/rock world made crap movies, but A Hard Day's Night, Help and Magical Mystery Tour were really ace. Yellow Submarine is lovely to watch, and the music is of course great, but the boys aren't in it!

  5. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Well done you and Happy Thanksgiving! I used to go to the movies EVERY week, regardless of what was on, something I stopped doing a long, LONG time ago, however I still feel Matthew Broderick owes the world an apology for his utterly crap performances in 'Godzilla', which, for some reason, I have to pronounce as 'GOzilla' as per some minor character in the film ;0)