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September 30, 2011

A Foggy Day on the Boardwalk

Went to lunch in early September with one of my dearest high school friends, and we decided to take a post-lunch stroll on the Boardwalk in Sandwich.  Now that the summer season is over, we don't have to pay to park there anymore.  

Looking towards the beach.  I remember riding my bike over it many times with my friends, and it was always kind of a hairy ride because of the lack of handrails.  I was always afraid I'd end up in the marshes.  You aren't allowed to ride bikes across anymore, you have to walk them.

It was low tide.

Town Neck Beach at the other end.

Looking back towards the parking lot which is buried in thick fog.

Mill Creek at low tide.


A very popular activity is called The Float, where people take their rafts and float through the marshes, out to the Bay, on the outgoing tide.  I haven't done it but I know a ton of people who do.

My parents' board.  When the Boardwalk is rebuilt, they sell individual planks to help fund the cost.  I had one when it was rebuilt in 1991, but it has since been built again.  The cost in 1991 was $10; the cost most recently was $75 and I was too cheap to pay it.

"Under the Boardwalk"


  1. Beautiful photos, as always, Jojo... I just discovered my older links (to your now-defunct blog) are obsolete. so boo hoo. :(

    Glad you kept the funky clouds for the headliner though! Really such a great photo!

    I would have loved to ride a bike over that thing, but I also know what probably would have happened to me...


  2. Thanks for sharing those photos! I also would love to ride a bike over those boards.

  3. Anonymous11:30 PM

    LOL, ditto that...I'd try to ride my bike across and end up in the drink!

  4. Anonymous3:59 AM

    We're having a spot of 'summer' in the UK at the moment. It's been in the lower 80's where I live since Wednesday, but then we had NO summer, so I'm quite happy we're having it now. One thing's for sure, it won't last, and the forecast for October is....SNOW!

  5. Having that board named after your parents is neat!

    Don't fancy riding the raft though.