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August 15, 2011

Lake Erie, Cleveland and Pennsylvania

We stayed at a hotel in Ohio that was only about 6 blocks from Lake Erie, so we did venture down there to check it out before we hit the road the next morning.  These inland, fresh water seas are a sight to see.  

Looking east towards Cleveland, OH

As cool as it was to check out the beach at Lake Erie, we both admit to an 'Oh crap' moment when we realized we had to haul our hot, sweaty asses back up those stairs to the car, as it was a very hot, humid morning.  lol


Russell very sweetly offered to get off the highway since the museum was right there, but I knew that it'd take  HOURS to see the place, so I opted not to stop, as we were hoping to make it through all of New York State that day.  I'll get back there someday.

I missed the entering PA sign too.  There's a teeny tiny sliver of PA that separates Ohio from NY State and which abuts Lake Erie.


  1. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Approaching more familiar territory to me. I had to laugh about the stairs you showed during your stop at Lake Erie. When I was a sales rep, I stopped at New River Gorge Bridge in WVA, one of the largest arch bridges in the world. I went down all those steps to the water but when I had to go back up I had the same reaction as you did, LOL. I'm glad I stopped though. Lake Erie is where my parents put me in an intertube tied to a rope and boat and put me in the water. I wasn't even 2 years old but born a guppy I took to it happily. Too bad you didn't have time to stop at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum. That would've been cool. Why it's in Cleveland is beyond me. I have been to their football hall of fame and got to see Chuck Noll inducted. My bro is married to his niece. I can't imagine what you must've gone through deciding where to stop with so much going by. Thank you for letting us vicariously go on your trip with you!

  2. Cause Cleveland is the birthplace of Rock & Roll, thanks to DJ Alan Freed, one of my personal heroes. He coined the term "Rock & Roll" and promoted the first rock concert there in the 50's. Nasty payola scandal aside, he was the first white DJ to promote African American music as done by the original artists, not covers of their music by white singers. His rock & roll shows were interracial, another huge thing for the 50's. Also remember the Drew Carey Show's theme song, "CLEVELAND ROCKS!"?

    I'm dying to see the football hall of fame in Canton!!! You were so lucky to see Chuck Noll inducted. That's way cool to be related to him by marriage.

  3. I must say I'm disappointed you didn't make a detour and take in ALL the states on your trip :P

    It must have felt like you do them all though!

  4. Been to the R&R Hall a few times, but just to the gift shop. It's mucho expensive-o~

    My fam lives in Cleveland... I call it the arm pit of America! hee hee!

    Your journey continues to be a long and fascinating one.

  5. Gonna cry! I am homesick as the dickens. :(

    Never thought I would ever say that Lake Erie is beautiful, but yeah, it is.

    No place like home, right Jojo? :)

  6. Petit, the Ohio nickname for Cleveland is "the mistake on the lake"--but we say it with great affection!

    Indeed, Cleveland Rocks.