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July 26, 2011

And I'd Soar Just Like An Eagle, Through the Blue Montana Skies....

Title of blog post from "Morning Rider on the Road" by the Partridge Family.  I always wanted to see Montana because of that song and I'm very grateful to have finally had the opportunity to see so much of it.

We lost an hour when we entered into Mountain Time at the border of Idaho and Montana.

Kept seeing billboards for the "World Famous" Lincoln's 50,000 Silver Dollar bar, casino, restaurant, gift shop & hotel, in Haugan.  We just had to stop and see what was there.  Totally.  Worth it.  If you ever find yourself in Western Montana, I highly recommend taking the time to check this place out.

Haugan, Montana

When was the last time you saw a 'MasterCharge' sign?  It changed to MasterCard in 1979.

Clark Fork River, which is 310 miles long and we gave up counting the 'Clark Fork' signs along I-90.

Irrigation system

This sculpture is called Our Lady of the Rockies, and is in Butte, MT where we stayed the first night we were on the road.  It is dedicated to 'mothers everywhere'.

Nevada has lots of casinos, but Montana is coming in a close second for sure.  Do your laundry and play some slots while you wait!  Russell was having a blast, as this was a new concept for him.

We stayed the night in Butte, arriving at about 7:30 pm after 11-12 hours on the road from Washington.  This was our longest day of travel.  I wouldn't stay in Butte again if my life depended on it.  It's a small town in a beautiful location, but they roll up the sidewalks at 6 pm.  


  1. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Hey, I've been to Butte! Montana is somewhere I'd like to go back one day, it's just breathtakingly gorgeous :0)

    Tess and I now have a 'Bucket List' (things we'd like to do together before we kick the proverbial bucket) which gets longer everyday....

  2. My bucket list is added to the side of my blog and I could kick myself for not completing the Pac NW ones while I was still there. Oh well, gives me incentive to go back. lol

    Butte is 'butte'iful and all, but seriously, not a restaurant to be had at 8 pm on a Sunday night. Tons of casinos though!

  3. That sky goes on forever, till the mountains interrupt it!

  4. Val, Montana's state nickname is Big Sky Country. ;)

  5. Anonymous12:28 PM

    The worry is love, we'll be 10 years dead before we've even made a start on the list ;0)

  6. I've never seen a mastercharge sign!