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June 2, 2011

Space Saver Bag Success!!!!

I have been wanting to try those space saver bags that you seal with a vacuum, because I really hate putting my clothes in garbage bags to move them.  I did a shout out on Facebook to ask what other people thought and for the most part, the reviews were good.  

It took a little while to get all the stuff together that I wanted to pack.  I got rid of a lot of stuff, but as you can see, I am not a clothes person.  This pile includes my tshirt collection, extra pajamas, 2 denim jackets, pants, sweatpants and shirts.  I discovered that I own A LOT of tie dye and A LOT of velvet shirts.  Why that came as a surprise to me, I don't know, but seeing it all piled together made me laugh.

I bought the set of 3 different sized bags.  I was pleased at how roomie they were.  All along I figured I'd have to get another box of them but as it turns out, the 3 I got will be more than enough.  Here is 80% of the pile on the bed.  

And here it is with the air sucked out.  I knew that it wouldn't shrink down flat because of how much is in it, but it's definitely more compact and easier to handle.  I have the tshirts in the smallest bag, and the super large bag has a lot of room in it for pillows & the denim jackets.
Two Thumbs Up!


  1. Love them! Will used them to hop from here to England and back, and they worked wonders.

  2. Anonymous1:44 PM

    I think I need to put my entire house into one of those things - maybe then I'll have some room!

  3. I was shocked when I put two duvets in one. They were light when I put them in, but when I sucked out the air, they weighed a ton!

  4. I love these bags!