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April 14, 2011

A Public Service Announcement

Here's a handy little tip:  When you are at the airport, try to get in a security line that leads to the regular metal detector, because they still have them.  I found my way into those lines at both SeaTac and Logan Airports and, therefore, did not have to undergo the horribly invasive scanners and pat downs.  


  1. That saves medical co-payments. LOL

    A Ladybug's Life

  2. i don't fly....and that's just one of the divine reasons that i don't...God bless the interstate!

  3. Trust me, if I never have to get on a plane again it'll be too soon.

  4. Anonymous2:18 PM


  5. Anonymous6:41 PM

    LOL, that's funny. I don't fly so I don't have to worry about such things. Unless they start patting people down in the grocery stores!

  6. I have never been on a plane and probably never will be, so that is good news. BUT I must say, a good feel-up would not be entirely unwelcome lately ....LMAO!!!