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January 29, 2011

Snoqualmie, Washington - Gateway to the Cascades

Here's a funky little house along the main drag in downtown Snoqualmie.

Lots of cool stuff in their front yard.  I'm surprised no one has stolen anything.  Isn't it sad that we live in a society where the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this is "Wow, no one's stolen their stuff!"

It's not the Unst Bus Shelter, but it's still a pretty cool salmon-themed bus stop.

These cross walks are really cool.

Snoqualmie River.


I question the structural integrity of this building.

The Snoqualmie Tribe is also known as People of the Moon.


  1. What an awesome place! looking through the pics is just like sharing a cup of beans with a friend! Thanks, JoJo!

  2. Anonymous12:38 PM

    What a neat place, so much for the eye to see. I love the bus stop.

    I like Jean's comment, that is so true.

  3. Hardware and Variety.

    Covers most stuff, I guess!

  4. Anonymous2:00 PM

    What a beautiful area you live in! I think I would just love to just see those mountains in person.

  5. I love little towns like this. 'Hardware and Variety'...What a hoot!

  6. Anonymous7:15 AM

    I'm moving there tomorrow (if only!)