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January 22, 2011

Fairyland Diorama

I've gotten a bit hooked on a Facebook game called My Fairyland.  We grow cute plants in our gardens, and try to attract cute critters by watering the plants in other people's gardens as well as our own.  Let's face it, this is about the only kind of gardening that I have time for and enjoy.  

I've had this black faux leather box in my craft closet for the longest time.  It's 2" thick with a window in the lid and a hinge.  I decided to make a fairy-themed diorama for it.

I covered the inside with some pretty bluegreen paper.  I cut out the background fairy and attached her with foam tape so that she sticks out from the wall a bit.  The hinged part of the box bunched up a bit, so then I decided to glue the front fairy to the bunched up part, to make it look like she's sitting in the window.  Then I attached the dragonfly w/ a wire from the top.  I painted the wings of the fairies and dragonfly with silver glitter paint.  I also added jewels and a couple of butterflies to the background.

In retrospect I wish I had planned the outside elements better, but oh well, live and learn.

I used some fuzzy green ribbon to make a grassy effect against the fairy on the wall and in the window.  Then I spread glue along the bottom and sprinkled glass beads on the glue.

It's hard to see but I glued a silk rose bud in each bottom corner, in the back.  The one on the left is orange and the one on the right is yellow.

And now I have yet another knick knack to collect dust in my already cluttered house.


  1. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Nice JoJo, I like how you use different media forms to create your creation. The green ribbon, the silver glitter paint all adding another dimension to you artwork.

  2. That's a sweet little diorama.

    I have a lot of projects here you could finish, you know. ALL my dolls houses are works in progress!

  3. You're very artistic and imaginative! I love that. What a project!

  4. Its lovely, hon.
    I love faeries too :-)
    Besides, who cares if its just another knick-knack gathering dust? Its beautiful and it is hand-made and that makes it a TREASUE, imo.

  5. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Put them all behind glass to keep the dust out ;0)