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September 12, 2010

Archeology: Digging Up Old Stuff

I went spelunking in my garage attic, braving the cobwebs and fiberglass insulation to dig up a couple of old compilation frames that contained all the good photos that I wanted to scan. With the exception of a couple pics I knew were in them, most came as a surprise and I had quite a chuckle when I saw what I had in there.

Here are some of the pics, in no particular order.

This one demonstrates how vertically challenged I am. This was taken at the Channel 58 Christmas party in December, 1986. Dan Seminatore is on the left, Rob Hampton on the right. And in one from the 'small world' department, Rob went to Boston University with my bff Ellen, before Ellen transferred to Emerson, which is where I met her. We only found out we all knew each other a couple of years ago!
Here's one of the punk bands I used to hang out with back in high school. This was taken at The Mill Hill Club in West Yarmouth on Cape Cod, some time in 1982. I think the band is Two Minute Hate but I am not sure. Nick Lawler in the Anarchy shirt, unknown drummer, Paul Fitzpatrick on vocals & the amazing Bill "Lunchmeat" Close on the right. Nick & Bill were seniors in high school in this pic. Bill is one of the most talented musicians I have ever met.
The FreeZe, at the Seaside Festival in Yarmouth, October 1981. Lead singer, Clif Hanger used to work at Baskervilles records in Hyannis and Liz & I used to hang out w/ him. I had a HUGE crush on the drummer, Lou Cataldo, aka Ben Dover. Rick Andrews on bass, and Rob Rosenthal on guitar, aka Rob DeCradle. Alas, Lou was taken, so I just lusted after him from afar.
Rick & Clif - Oct. 1981
Lou Cataldo.
Our 'gang' at Holly's going away party at my house, in the chicken coop, June 1981. Holly moved to Oregon that summer, although she & her family returned to Sandwich 2 years later. Marybeth & I threw her a party. Somehow, all these kids (plus others who were at the party earlier in the night) managed to keep it quiet from Holly. She was totally stunned when she came through the door and everyone yelled SURPRISE!

Here's another group shot of the gang, at a party at Sandy Howes' house, December 1980. Brian laughs and thinks it's absolutely precious that I went to high school parties that had soda, pizza & candy instead of alcohol and drugs!! These pictures illustrate the point I made in a previous post from a couple of months ago, that nearly all of my high school friends were not in my grade. With the exception of Liz & Joey in the photo above, and Joey & Kevin in the photo below, all the other kids were in the Class of '83.

Ellen & I on the steps of our dorm in Boston, at 132/34 Beacon Street, fall 1985. Note the matching jackets. No wonder people thought she and I were a couple! We are actually not doing peace signs here, but "V" for Boston's music video station, V-66. We knew a lot of people that interned & worked there and V-66 was really popular at Emerson.
Charlene & I, spring 1985 at Emerson, aka "The Terror Twins". Note the antenna that looks like it's coming out of her head!! And behind us are the compilation frames I tore apart to get some of these pics.
Punk rock night at The Chalet at St. Joseph's College in Maine, fall 1982. I had to help the other girls get dressed since no one was into punk but me!! Brian saw this, nodded and said, "I woulda done ya!" How romantic. lol
Me & Martha Kneizys, our freshman year at St. Joe's, fall 1982. It's hard to believe my niece Callie is now experiencing her freshman year!!
I love this pic of my buddy Dave Gawlik on the St. Joe's sign. Spring, 1983.
Hands down my fave picture of Michelle EVER. We were having a good time that night. Spring 1983, St. Joe's.
I have no idea what year this is, guessing about 1983, but obviously Diane & I were going skating, or just came back from skating. There isn't much snow on the ground, but it must've been cold enough for the bog across the street to freeze and for us to be so bundled up.
God I wish I was still that thin!


  1. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Bob and Doug Mackenzie. "The Great White North eh? Take off eh? You hoser!" Gotta love the "80's.
    And those cropped t-shirts for the guys were soooo cool. NOT! LOL Remember the mesh ones? Those were awful.
    These old pix are fantastic reminds me a lot of my high school days.
    What a blast from the past.

  2. I know aren't they hilarious? You should see the groans from my friends on Facebook when they see these pictures. Although that half shirt looks pretty darn good on Paul Fitzpatrick....

  3. Ha! Yet another thing we have in common... most of my high school class did not party hard. People find that hard to believe, but we didn't. We had a great time too.

    There were some that did, of course, but there was absolutely no peer pressure. If you didn't it was more for the partiers~

    Groovy pics.

  4. To have such a great photographic record of good times is a true treasure.

  5. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Great post and stroll down memory lane. LOL, when I got together with friends we weren't drinking pop! BTW, I fed the rodent in the cage.

  6. It's great to have so many photos to look back through. I have a lot of photos just stuffed in boxes. I should go through them. I've started to but then get interrupted and they get shoved back to be forgotten. Wish I were better about putting them in albums.

    I love looking at old photos and hairstyles. lol When I see some of my clothing from back then my first thought is "What was I thinking?" :-D

  7. How very nice to have all those memories to cherish... so sweet.

    Did not party hard either ;-)

  8. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Ah 'Memory Lane' - we all have one ;0)

  9. LOL - your last line took the words out of my mouth!