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August 30, 2010

More New Necklaces

Instead of lolling on the couch, half asleep on Sunday, I decided to dig out my most recent order of lampwork beads by Austin Hamilton, of Vancouver, BC and made some necklaces!

Don't the beads look like candy?

I love Austin Hamilton. Very reasonable prices and beautiful artistry.


  1. Wow, absolutely beautiful!

  2. Just lovely! Where is your Etsy page again? I have decided this year my Christmas shopping will all be my own online friends! Fuck the malls!

    You and SaraJane Helm (look up the blog "Aunt Acid" on my blogroll) will be my go-to ladies on the gifts. :D

    (Commercial: SaraJane can make tie-dye and dolls and anything else under the sun. I've known her so long, she actually sewed my maternity pants!!!! LOL)

  3. OK, I have GOT to set up my Etsy site this weekend. No more excuses. Daisy you are the 2nd person who has inquired about it in the past couple days. I will go to the bank and set up the account and get a credit card, and start the site. I'm SO NERVOUS!!!!!!!!

  4. I did tell you when my birthday is, right? :-) hee hee!