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August 17, 2010

Creepy Catalogs

You know the holidays are right around the corner when catalogs start filling your mailbox in August. I enjoy looking at them, and there's a lot of cool stuff out there. Three of my fave catalogs are Wireless, Signals and What On Earth. However, their most recent issues really creeped me out.

For example, I'm sure this is supposed to represent a nostalgic scene of little Tommy admiring his Grandpa's train set, thinking, "Golly! Grandpa promised he'd give me his trains someday!"
However a close up view finds little Tommy demonically looking on, eagerly awaiting the explosive charges he set under the tracks to go off, thus giving grandpa a heart attack and coming into the train set immediately. "This is what a really cool DEAD Grandpa looks like."
Then we have these lovely little Flitter Fairies. They are attached to a super fine, but sturdy, filament wire, and when in motion, they flutter their wings. The wire is attached to a clip that you wear in your hair, so as to give the illusion that the fairies are flittering around your head. The catalog description also says, "Flip the switch on her leg and she'll sleep". Ermm......
But good god look at their eyes!!!! I would run far and fast from a fairy that looked like this, and I certainly don't want her attached to my head, you know? Get it off me, GET IT OFF ME!
Then we have this alarming photoshopped squirrel army who apparently have no arms. What On Earth indeed.


  1. Those fairies aren't cool at all!How creepy,the whole thing,concept to creation.*shudder*

    Tops on my list this year are simply purple lights...I use them for my X-mas tree.Though this year we have Samhain kitties---black one and an orange one.

  2. I think the armless squirrels are the most frightening. But you're right, that kid and those fairies look creepy. Don't look at those at night before going to bed. I bet they lead to nightmares!

  3. Looks like crasher squirrel has been cloning himself for the bid for world domination...

    *hides behind sofa*

  4. Stepford drone fairies, pedophile grandpa and the squirrel army for peace.

    I don't think it gets much weirder than that does it?


  5. Anonymous1:59 PM

    The kid in the first illustration looks like the model for 'Chucky'!! In fact, all of them would have me running screaming from the room.....

  6. Its the attack of the New World Order!!!
    The bastards are brainwashing us to think creepy. Hahahah!

    All these pics freak me out, Jojo. But you know me...I'm more amused at it, than frightened.

    Hey, whaddaya know : I also fall asleep when you flick the switch on my leg :-))

  7. Good lord, you have some weird catalogues!

  8. Ya, there's a lot of STRANGE stuff floating around out there. For sure!

  9. weird or what?????

    100% eeeeeeeeeeeky

  10. Anonymous5:56 PM

    They look like something out of "Children of the Corn"...LMAO!

  11. OMG! Joanne you absolutely crack me up. The one about grandpa was the best!