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June 27, 2010


I became fascinated with beach glass (I refuse to call it 'sea glass') when I was a kid, and have been collecting it for as long as I can remember. You don't see a lot of beach glass anymore since most bottles are recycled. And out here the Pacific pounds things to bits. I used to have fairly good luck in the 70's and 80's on the Cape beaches, and then at Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California, where I got most of my best finds including interesting shells, shards of pottery, china & ceramic, and the rarest of all: Red. Cobalt is hard to find too.

When I was little and would play by myself at Spring Hill, I would fantasize that, as I was climbing over the jetties, there would be a huge pile of beach glass treasure on the other side of the breakwater. Of course there never was, but I still remember that anticipation of hoping to find treasure on the other side. I dream about beachcombing a lot.


  1. The colors are amazing!

  2. Such pretty bits.I'm sure the people tossing those things overboard or any seafaring person NEVER thought that any of it would be treasure to anyone.But I love that it is,

  3. Anonymous7:51 AM

    Ooooh, pretties.....!

  4. That's quite a collection.

    How do you fit everything into your house? I need to learn the technique!

  5. It looks like a lot, but they fit nicely into 2 mason jars that sit on my kitchen window sill! Of Course, I never dust so..... lol

  6. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Just beautiful!

  7. You have some great examples here!!! My mom also collects glass, among other treasures. I dont have a knack for it tho. Its a talent, I am sure :)

    And to answer your question about I-205, yes, it is the biway around Portland. Cuts through the southeast area, closer to Gresham where I live. You probably did take it on your way north :)