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April 26, 2010

Silkie Sue & Sam's Giveaway!!

I've been following the blog of an extremely talented artist in the UK, Sam, who is supervised by Miss Silkie Sue, seen here. Sam is very prolific and an inspiration to lazy bones craftspeople like me. Sam is multi-talented, painting watercolour treatments....
.....which she then creates into the most adorable, hand made stuffed animals. This is William. Isn't he sweet?

This is Hamish, who was created to go along with Sam's husband's not-yet published children's stories about Hamish and his adventures.

Miss Kittan.

Teacup is one of my faves.

Sam is doing a giveaway of this adorable little fellow, Little Ted. I hope to be considered for the giveaway!

Please stop by both of Sam's blogs, Silkie Sue, and Gingerwine's Lost Toys If you send her a message, she'll enter you in the giveaway too!


  1. Ahhh, they are sooooooooooooo delightful and pretty! Maybe they'll become famous like the Steiff Bears. Who knows? I'm a sucker for cats. Awesome post. Thanks for the blog info. I am going to check them out. Cheeers Jo!!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS... that is really kind of you to mention me! Wow...thankyou....

    Thankyou very much xxxxx

    Love Sam xxx

  3. Aww...they're adorable. :-)

  4. Hi all! Aren't they the cutest toys? I love stuffed animals. Being an only child, they were my only friends when I was a child.

  5. they're gorgeous -

  6. I have had to cut off my soft toy collecting hand, 'cos I have no space left to put them. Boohoo.

    I don't give them much of a chance of your doggies got hold of them!

  7. Actually Val, both Pepper and Sagan are really good about what are my stuffed toys and what are their stuffed toys. I have a radio flyer wagon overflowing with them in the bedroom. Sagan will come in, give them a sniff, & leave them alone. I'm sure sweet Little Ted would be completely safe.

  8. Anonymous10:02 AM

    I just fell in love with Teacup!!

  9. They ARE super cute.I would love animals that looked like the ideas for a child's book I have in my head.I would need a bulldog and a wiener dog in some unlikely colors;).

    I hope you get one-they look super cuddly.

    I still have a stuffed animal jones too-I find it hard to NOT buy one I like.My latest was from Goodwill."Batbear".He is a little black bear with silky iridescent purple bat wings.It was a Halloween thing to be sure that someone just discarded.

    I also found a rainbow furred one made by Gund-she is beautiful.I have not named her yet.Maybe I'll post pics of them!

    I would love pics and profiles on your stuffed animals Jojo-that would be fun!

  10. Bryde - I have thought about doing a post on my stuffed animals! funny you should mention that! Hmmm.....I think I have a project for the weekend now!