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March 27, 2010

10 Years in the Making

Back in 1999, the United States Mint began printing 5 "State" quarters, per year, in the order that they were admitted to the Union. We were still living in California when it started. At first I wasn't going to cave in to the collection craze, but eventually gave in and bought the map. I also have a book that has room for both the Denver and Philadelphia minted coins. Michelle and I have been trading "P" and "D" mint-marked state quarters since '99. The last state quarters were distributed last year, although I have now seen quarters for places like American Samoa and other minor Southern Pacific territories under US control. But there's no room for those extra quarters on the map.

The 13 colonies were the first to be issued.
Here's my home state, Massachusetts

Washington was one of the last to be admitted as a state. The Pacific NW was part of the Louisiana Purchase, and explored by Lewis & Clark. It was eventually called Washington Territory. I heard that the state was almost named Columbia, after the river.

Tons of designs were submitted for our quarter, many by children, and everyone in the state got to vote on their fave design. When the pictures were printed in the newspaper, I found it amazingly adorable how the designs from the children in Western Washington centered on Mt. Rainier, salmon, Space Needle, NW Indian-style orcas and evergreen trees, but the designs from the children in Eastern Washington showed apples, agriculture, the Grand Coulee Dam and salmon.

The designs were narrowed to 3 and the one we voted for won.


  1. I started those but never finished.I had a cool,trifold book type thing for mine.

  2. I'm obsessive about it. I'm missing a few "P" quarters, and I have a small box full of the "D" ones Michelle needs. I'm actually kind of sad that it's over. Brian's not. He's had to endure 10 years of me bugging him incessantly for his change.

  3. You're a better woman than me!! I would have either lost interest or lost the essential parts long before it was finished. Looks good though :-)

  4. Anonymous6:55 AM

    Well done. Meanwhile, I treasure my (single) Bi-Centennial US Silver Dollar ;0)

  5. I love New England. I just love the culture there. Very honest.

  6. I only ever completed one set of part works in my life - an encyclopedia of the occult called Man Myth and Magic. Still have it. Never look at it. But I used to.

  7. Eliza - When I decide to start collecting something, I am dogged in my attempts... ;D I still need a couple more to complete my P&D mint mark book.

    Diane - Put that bad boy in a safe place!!

    Petit Fleur - Have you ever been there? If not, do go in the fall. BEST time to see it. The foliage will knock your socks off.

    Val - They sound interesting! Were they one of those Time-Life series?

  8. Anonymous10:08 AM

    It's safe Jojo, don't worry, I've no intention of losing or spending it ;0)

  9. Kathleen1:35 PM

    What ones do you need? I have to launder my clothes with quarters, so I see waaaay too many of the P's.

  10. I doubt it, JoJo. It certainly wasn't on the label. Don't think we'd heard of those over here in the late '60s.

    (I can time it exactly 'cos I took them away with me to university in 1971.)

  11. Kathleen - I need P Mints of:

    Washington DC
    American Samoa
    Puerto Rico

    Thanks! :D

  12. Yea Jojo, I lived in Mansfield for a year once. I adore many things about the area.

    Mostly the people. So no nonsense and funny. Damn, it seemed like every other person I met was hilariously funny! Naturally too. Is that a New England birthright or something?? :-)

  13. I'm a sucker for that sort of stuff too. Clever idea by the US mint or whoever they are. The designs on coins was changed over here a while ago and there was uproar from the traditionally minded. I think the new ones are okayish but nothing special....

  14. I swear, I don't know why I thought I was the only one who did that. I, too started collecting the quarters and putting in the map, but needed the damn quarters and began spending them. Hahaha. Regrets.

  15. Thankyou so much for messaging me xx

    Its lovely to receive positive messages!!
    Makes me feel like sewing againxx

    Sam xx

  16. We're still mad that they didn't let us vote on the two-headed coin. It's Washington state, after all--we should be able to put Washington on the back, even if he is already on the front.

  17. I started it and then sort of never finished. lol When I discovered there were P and D coins I decided it was too complicated. lol Yeah, I know, no brain trust here. I'm just bad at collecting.

    I'm also bad at waiting for the one I really wanted. The 50th state took too long to get here. lol I saw it and was quite pleased with it.