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February 8, 2010

As If.

Brian turns 50 on Wed. We really didn't have any plans b/c the financial scene is so unstable. But he is still looking forward to it, and has been kind of joking around how he's 50 and I can't tell him what to do anymore, blah blah blah. It's all in good fun; I mean we wouldn't have made it over 20 years w/o being able to joke like this.

I've given him a great deal of leeway on his visits to the bar this week. I understand. It's a milestone. So he & I were just on the phone, he said he was on his way home as soon as he finished his beer and then snickered, "....and when I get there, dinner better be on the table".

So I obliged him.


  1. You should make this into one of those posters-the ones with the black border and a single word underneath?Like this one?

  2. Happy Birthday to Brian! :D

  3. Right On! How did he react to your token gesture when he got home? Cheers!!

  4. Woman after my own heart!

    Happy 50th, Brian. It's only a milestone if you want it to be. Otherwise it's a millstone. ROund the neck.

  5. Bryde - Those posters were pretty funny!

    Daisy - Thanks! I'll pass it along to him.

    Bobbybegood1 - He laughed so, so hard. He kept cracking up all night going, 'good one. can't believe you thought of that.'

    Val - He's actually OK about turning 50. When he was young, he never thought he'd live this long.

  6. LMAO!!!
    You rock, Jojo!! Hahaha!

    So is Brian getting his "Half Century Nookie" ???
    Oh shit, he'll kill me if he reads that!

  7. Axe - at the risk of bumming my readers out w/ TMI, my body's timing is such that 'you know what' showed up last night. >:( So that'll have to wait till the weekend. lololol

  8. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Happy Birthday Brian, and remember, your age is just a number on a piece of paper :0)

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIAN!! need to schedule things better

  10. Good one! You guys sound like fun. :p