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January 27, 2010

New Pics of Baby Guy

Here are some recent pics of my sweet little guy, Sagan. I know I haven't posted many recent photos of Pepper, but she really doesn't like having her picture taken and there are only so many pics of her curled up on her bed that I can post.

Silly boy burrowing under the blanket.
In case anyone is wondering, the beastie on the blue blanket is a unicorn.

He's so patient, letting me stack toys all over him for a cute photo op on his couch in the livingroom.
Some of his fave toys: Moocow, Mr. Bun, Fuzzy Bone and No-ma (snowman).
Chair stealin' Chair Stealer!
Sagie really loves it when I adjourn to my craft table, go to bed early, or just generally vacate my chair for a few minutes. "Juss keepin it warm fuh yoo, moms."
Who can resist that face?

I love how he stuck his tongue out. Doofus.
I wuvs my widdle guy.


  1. What a gorgeous dog! He looks like a great guy!

  2. Thanks Sugarmag! He's 90 lbs of fur and love. :D

  3. He is soooooo delightful. What a wonder! Him wuv him mommy -- aahhhh. I love German Shepards. I don't see that many any more. Nowadays all ya see are those DAMN Pitbulls,(sorry pitbull lovers).

  4. Soooooo CUTE!!!!

  5. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Aaaaaaaah :0)

  6. What a poser! It's as if he knows he's going to take a great picture.

    My lovely one-eyed cat Beano doesn't like having his picture taken either, I guess the flash must make him worry about his remaining eye. Even if the flash is off, he just reacts to the camera and is gone.

  7. Hello Sweet Baby :)

  8. Pepper and Sagan have such different personalities and it's a riot to watch them interact. Every time I point the camera at Pepper she will either turn away or give me a "we are NOT amused" scowl. lol

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  10. Love your doggie pix! [I followed you over from your comments @ Daisy Deadhead's & wanted to say I appreciate your opinion - i.e. you & I have similar opinions, but I rarely have the nerve to mix it up in a public forum like that.]

  11. I iam SUCH a Pepper!GS's are always handsome in their photos,even without trying.

    Sorry I haven't been around Jojo,my Google thing is supposed to update me on blogs and it does a piss poor job!