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November 25, 2009

Things for which I am thankful

Boy it's been a rough 16 months or so. In fact, I will go so far as to say it's been the worst 10 years ever, and not just for us.

However, it's Thanksgiving here in the States, and I do have a few things for which I am thankful:

My incredible, sweet, generous, funny and thoughtful friends. I love all of you and nothing would please me more than to meet each and every one of you in person. Maybe my New Years resolution should be to play the lottery till I win. Then I can fly all of you to a central meeting place so that we can all hang out. And I'll have enough money leftover for bail, for we will, no doubt, get arrested for disorderly conduct at some point. lol

My hubby and our marriage. We've had our ups and downs, but 20 years later, we still love each other and still laugh hysterically on a daily basis. I'm thankful that we haven't turned on each other like so many couples have during this economic crisis.

My family, especially my cousins. I'm lucky to have grown up in such a large Italian family with so many cousins!!

My job and boss. I don't like the clients, but I like the work. And my boss is such a great guy. It's hard to believe that I'm closing in on 9 years working for Steve. My commute isn't too bad and I'm thankful that I don't have to work in Seattle.

My fuzzy little four-legged children who also make me laugh every day with their silly antics. There's nothing quite like cuddling with a doggie. There's also nothing quite like the joyful and enthusiastic reception I get when I come home from work.

I'm thankful that our house isn't upside down and our cars are paid for. I see people's financial information every day and I'm grateful that we are not in that kind of debt. I would be catatonic.

I'm also grateful to the psychiatrist I saw back in 1989, who encouraged me to follow my heart and quit my job at Channel 56 so that I could live out my dream of living in San Francisco. That man saved my life. I wish I could remember his name b/c I would love to drop him a line to say thanks.

Then we have my many celebrity crushes. I am thankful that all these hot guys exist for my viewing pleasure: Vincent, Dean, Vincent, Pyper, Vincent, Christopher....did I mention Vincent?

Finally, I'm thankful for my craft habit. I don't think I could possibly survive the crushing stress without that outlet.

I hope everyone in the States has a wonderful Thanksgiving, full of food, football and good company!


  1. Anonymous3:11 AM

    Dear JoJo
    Happy Thanksgiving for you and the ones you love, from the netherlands

  2. LOL! The bail comment cracked me up! Between the two of us I am sure we know attorneys in several different states that could hopefully get us out of trouble.

    I hope you and Brian have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Here's hoping things start picking up for you and Brian soon - Happy Thanksgiving dear Jojo!

  4. With any luck the next ten years will go with a zing :D

    Enjoy the Thanksgiving thing...

  5. Make the get-together in London and I may be able to arrange a party in a police station so we don't have far to go...

  6. wouldn't that be the most magical thing if we could all meet - i don't think you mentioned vincent - we'd have to invite him too LOL

    it's great to give thanks and count blessings and i hope your blessings multiply and your wishes come true

  7. Hoping that next Thanksgiving you and Brian can say....WOW, this has been a Fantastic Year!

    What kind of pie are you having today? :)

  8. Hi Elka! So glad to see you again! I hope you are doing well.

    Siobhan - Yes, thank goodness for knowing good defense lawyers!

    Thanks Diane & White Rabbit!

    Val - Do set that up with your local precinct. We could have a real "Jail House Rock".

    Ann- I would definitely invite him, what the heck right? Wonder if he'd show?

    Tess - No pies. Brian's not into pumpkin, and it's best that I not consume an entire pie myself! I wish the bakery sold it by the slice.

  9. **hApPy****bIrThdAy**

    2 u

    happy birthday

    2 u

    happy birthday

    dear jojo

    happy birthday

    2 u

    hope you have an ab fab brill day and may it be the start of an even abber fabber briller year

    lotsa luv ann x0x0x0x

  10. LOL Val!!!! I laughed so hard!

    Jojo, a belated Happy Thanksgiving to you, honey.
    Its great that you have so much to be thankful for! And you are the kind of person who never allows the good shit to slip your mind anyway.
    Lovely post!