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September 24, 2009

Being Mr. Monk

I originally had a slide show to post from Photobucket, but it got all screwed up so I have to figure it out this weekend.

Anywho, I'm absolutely BURIED in files at work. Why my boss takes cases when the trials are a month or two away is beyond me. I am hoping to be able to prep some new blog entries this weekend.

But I also wanted to post a friendly reminder to everyone to be a bit more like Adrian Monk this year. Use hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes. Wash your hands a lot, esp. after handling money or blowing your nose. Sneeze or cough into your elbow. If large stores offer wipes at the entrance, use one on the cart handle. Get a flu shot. Get an H1N1 shot, if they become available.

The other day I was thinking about all the common surfaces that the public touches and it made me gag a bit. ATM & debit card machines, door handles and knobs, toilet flusher handles, money.....even items on the front of shelves could have been handled by someone who was sick. I brought in a bottle of Purell for the reception area, and I use wipes on all the common surfaces at the office, every day (door knobs, copier & fax buttons, light switches, telephones, the mailbox handle, etc.). I cannot afford to get sick and furthermore, neither can Brian since he doesn't have any health insurance. If I have to, I'll start wearing rubber gloves and a mask. lol

I am beginning to wonder if the CDC knows something we don't, because the media is being very proactive in getting the word out to sanitize, sanitize, sanitize, stay at home if you are sick, keep your kids home if they are sick, get your flu shot. It's unusually proactive. We even got a message on our answering machine from the Safeway pharmacy, reminding us that they are offering flu shots. We don't even use the Safeway pharmacy; I only get my groceries there. We're getting our flu shots on Saturday at the Bonney Lake Fire Department's annual open house.

Let's get through this flu season together, and hope that it doesn't reach pandemic proportions.


  1. True. They are almost paranoid about it, here too.

  2. If you'd like an infusion of my blood, it will probably protect you - I don't get flu.

  3. Anonymous4:20 PM

    The way it was being 'talked-up' in the UK the last couple of months, anyone would have thought the Black Death was making a come-back...!

  4. maybe too late; i have a sore throat tonight.

  5. The Chinese seem to be particularly paranoid generally (not just with current swine flu excitements). I was sitting next to a Chinese woman on a train a few weeks ago.

    I sneezed. Nicely - covering my mouth etc...

    She instantly got up out of her seat and shot down to the far end of the carriage.

    What it is to be a pariah :(

  6. Have a friend who used to work for the CDC. He had to sign a NO DISCLOSURE agreement that if violated he goes to theFederal Pen.

    He said if the public new what the CDC knew, their would be wide spread hysterical panic. TPB determined ignorance is bliss for the public.

    Anyway. Telephones are the worst along with any money.

  7. That's a fair point there!
    Thing is I am like Mr. Monk in a different way, LOL... A few days ago I went to an interview an at some point, without realizing, I started ordering some papers and stuff on the guy's desk! hahaha...

  8. Oh God Yes...Money is the worst. Germs are everywhere it's just a fact of life, wash your hands!

    BTW..I'm 48, I've never had a flu shot...I've never had the flu.

  9. I should have said I had to google to find out who Adrian Monk is.

  10. Herb lady piping up: Echinacea, Ashwagandha, Astralagus, Goldenseal, Tulsi (aka Holy Basil)... they are your friends, along with some garden-variety Vitamin C! Get that immune system charged up, boys and girls!

    I suggest some nice herbal teas in the evening before bed, with some good organic Vit C.

  11. i am prone to flu and flying is a germ nightmare, but echinacea works for me on those occasionsremember, if we sanitise too much we'll wind up with no immunity  apparently they expect everyone in this country to be infected, but the people i know so far who've had swine flu all say it's not as bad as other strains of influenzai'm concerned with the element of panic-mongering

  12. I'm allergic to so many things that I'm terrified to go the herbal route. I have never tried echinacea. I used to drink the herbal teas offered at my bead class in SF in 1990, but so many of them made my mouth and throat itch, so I had to stop. The more severe reaction is to some nuts, esp. almonds which put me into the ER b/c my throat swells shut.