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February 17, 2009

Nothing to say

I know I should update my blog more often, but the bottom line is, I have nothing good to say anymore. No job for Brian. Not even anything on the horizon. I continue to take more abuse than I should, at work, by the clients, and that makes me more angry and stressed out. I am very depressed that 2009 didn't start off like we'd hoped. Not even close. The only bright spot is that Obama is officially our President, but the fucking Republicans would rather see our country go down the drain than work WITH Obama on a solution. Funny thing is, those right wing fuckers are the ones that got us into that situation, and now they are trying to rewrite history and blame it on everyone but the real culprits.

I never wanted my blog to be a downer. But unfortunately, that's all I can talk about. Gloom and doom. More regional layoffs, more not-so-subtle begging for donations to help this person, or that school, or that team, by way of the news media. I have thought about blogging about the idiot nimrod assholes who are our clients, but this being a public forum, accessible by anyone, that could leave our office wide open for a lawsuit, so I can't even bitch about them, most of whom have brought most of their problems on themselves. I will say that we have a whole bunch of extremely abusive men as clients and I'm fucking sick of them calling and demanding things. I know I'm the rude one in the office and I don't give a shit. I'm here to do a job, not mollycoddle and say, "there there". Debby can be sugary sweet and hand hold and waste countless hours on the phone, but I don't have that kind of time. I've always been a "cut to the chase" person. In fact, I can't even stand it when people start "story jokes". I like quick, one liners. Biff-bam-bing. Whenever Brian goes, "I have a joke" I whine, "It is gonna be long? Because you know I just don't have the attention span for a long joke."

Anywho. I haven't shot many photos as there's nothing to shoot right now. Road construction is going to make it nearly impossible to take any day trips this year, not even to Seattle. I won't be going to the Cape (not terribly bummed about that), I won't be going to Canada. I won't be going anywhere except home and work. That's all my life revolves around. Well, that and Facebook. I don't even answer emails anymore. Diane finally gave up on trying to get me to respond to her emails and called me on Saturday afternoon. Everything is just a huge fucking effort. I try to check all the blogs, daily, but I find myself drifting farther and farther away from the blogosphere. Things go so much faster on FB, the interaction w/ people is instantaneous. I can carry on a conversation w/ my friends in Denmark, Portugal, Canada, etc. in real time.

Over the past few months I've located, or been located by, tons of old friends from high school, college and my Channel 58 years on FB. Getting caught up w/ everyone and their lives has taken a HUGE chunk of my time, esp. when it seems that my role in life is "Archivist". I was probably the only kid who brought a camera to high school to take pics of my friends in the late 70's and early 80's. Back then I had to cajole, beg, trick, whatever, to get the photos. After a lot of whining and eye rolling, my friends would finally consent. So I scanned a bunch into a Facebook photo album, much to their delight. Now they are begging and clamoring for more. Apparently I'm the only person who can readily lay hands on yearbooks and 30 year old photo albums. So if I'm not playing on FB, I'm scanning photos.

I'd be happy to blog if I could think of anything to say, but I can't. My muse has left me. I can't be funny on demand, and I just haven't felt funny at all lately. What would you guys like me to talk about? Should I deluge you with more vacation photos? High school and past career photos? Cause at this point, that's about all I have.


  1. I send you a hug and good wishes for the future, because I don't know how else I could help you. All the best vibes your way. :)

  2. I think what they call a "massive paradigm shift" is getting ready to happen. Twitter and Facebook seem to be rivaling blogging. I think a lot of the "smaller" blogs will start to fold, in favor of Twittering and Facebooking. Speaking personally, I am pretty long-winded and never run out of things to say (I attribute this to the fact that I didn't really write ANYTHING for well over a decade) so I will still be blogging, but I think blogging as a SOCIAL network, will subside, and/or is starting to already. I think blogs will be very specialized, people who want to read what a certain person has to say, or they will be entirely focused on, say, a band's tour or CDs or a TV show's fans, etc. Gossip, politics, etc. I think the social network aspect of blogs is fading, for reasons you have enumerated.

    (((hugs))) The economy sure sucks bigtime, yes?

  3. (((HUGS)))
    Sweetie, if you don't want to blog, don't blog. And if you do, anything you have to say is appreciated.
    Wanna whine about things? That's what we're here for, to listen.
    Wanna post pics? We love your vacation pictures, even though they make us jealous sometimes :P
    Hope you're feeling better soon, lots of love to you and Brian, and the "kids".

  4. We love to hear from you no matter what, and we adore the furbabies as well.

    Our lack of industry and poor banking practices date from Mrs Thatcher's laissez-faire policies and determination to crush the unions and the miners. Yet the Tory party still refuses to admit to its part, and pretends the current administration is totally to blame.

  5. I get the gloom and doom thing Jojo.It is all I have too,which is why I haven't posted.That AND I am stuck on FB and writing my fanfiction,so I figure,unless someone wants to read about my raging geekdom...

    That said,I will read anything you post Jojo.That's why I (and the others) are here.That is what friends do.So,if you need to vent email whoever and DO IT!

    Gotta go back to FB and my story...

  6. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Jojo, you don't HAVE to do anything in Blogland if you don't feel like it honey. It's supposed to be fun, and if it isn't, then just let us know you're OK every once in a while.

    If it helps - probably not! - the situation in the UK also sucks. I've been out of work since the end of September, but I know I'm lucky, I walked away with a severance package - and I don't have a mortgage to worry about - so I can hold out for a while yet (and I'm enjoying all this boundless V-time to be honest!) BUT I've been looking for jobs (why is that such a soul-suckingly yucky experience?!) since the beginning of January, with no luck. However, I KNOW I can't stay 'retired' forever and will HAVE to rejoin the rat race - but doing what, or when, heaven knows!

    Here's hoping something 'good' turns up soon *Transatlantic hugs*

  7. Sweetie, first of all hugs and good vibes, rainbows and kittens (go ahead and vomit, I'll wait).

    Second, your blog, you talk about what you want, when you want. Sometimes the well just runs dry, spring is coming - it'll fill back up. And then maybe your outlook will improve with a little sunshine - not heat, I know how you hate the heat!

    Third, if you have no patience, how the hell do you stand the stories on my blog?!?! I take Forever And A Day to make a point!

    Thinking of you and the hubby, only good thoughts.

  8. *Big Hugs* Jojo. I keep telling myself...At some point things have to turn around. I just wish it would be sooner rather than later.

    ps...Did you hear that Rush Limbaugh (that fat head, tiny penis drug addict) is calling it..The Obama Recession. Someone give me a big stick, I'd love to shove it up his ass.

  9. Use us to vent honey...if you need to vent with names get yourself a LiveJournal account and set it for friends only, then only people you trust would be allowed to read it

    Otherwise we are here to listen.

    I agree with Dianne, if blogging doesn't relax you, or isn't fun or cathartic don't do it. Just drop a line here and there saying your okay.

    Though it's little consolation, the entire world is suffering through what the last eight years of USA politics have done. And whether you voted for the man or matter what party you belong to, you better pray his policies turn this country around. Republicans would rather destroy the country than support him...its crazy.

    Love and hugs from us all, Honey. 1 day at a time

  10. Hi there. I just found this and read it for your Edward Gorey House pics (which I loved, having not been able to get out these yet), and thought I would comment on your last blog simply to say you aren't alone. While that's a fairly obvious assumption and rarely does anything to cheer anyone up, sometimes it's nice to hear from a stranger. I'm in the same spot, feel the same about my office, and rarely have anything decent to blog about on my own blog, much less the new one our boss is now asking us to create as part of an effort to show the world we're down with the 21st century or something. Anyway, keep at it, and keep your chin up. Things can change for the better unexpectedly.

  11. You should post some of those photos here! There is nothing funnier than pics of us from the 70's.... ;)

    Hope things brighten up for you soon. I know what you mean about 2009 starting out rough; hubby unexpectedly was laid off with no notice at all back in mid-January.