Mt. Rainier and Lenticular Clouds - Dec. 2008 copyright: JMM

December 20, 2008

Sorry I dropped off the face of the earth again....

Been a bit preoccupied with the weather situation around here. We've had a lot of snow & ice. The meteorologists predicted a huge storm for Wednesday, so I didn't go to work. Turns out the storm stalled off shore. A lot of people took the day off and all the schools were closed. I felt like such an idiot for not going in. If I'd had a paper bag, I was gonna cut 2 eye holes and write "SNOW CHUMP" in glitter above the eye holes, then wear it into work. Steve always teases me about my panic every time I see so much as a flake. He's from Michigan. It confounds him that someone from an equally snowy area like me is that afraid to drive in snow. Well I hate it. It never bothered me till the night it took me from 11:30 pm-2:30 am to drive from my job at Channel 56 in Boston back to Cape Cod, in a driving blizzard w/ zero visability in the middle of the night. When I saw the guardrail I knew I was close to it so I'd correct to get back in my lane, when I didn't see the guardrail, I was scared I was gonna go off the other side. The snow was mesmerizing and it was so hard for me to concentrate on my driving. I was so happy to see the lights of the Sagamore Bridge and from there I knew I could pick my way thru Sandwich on Rte. 6A. I ditched my car in the middle of my parents' driveway cause it got stuck and had to stay over b/c I knew the road on which I lived, a dirt road, would be impassible & unplowed. That was my "snow fear turning point."

So I decide to go in on Thursday b/c I figured I HAD to go in. It took about an hour to get the 22 miles, door to door. It was really bad. It started snowing again and at 12:30, Steve surprised me by saying that he thought I had better get on the road and get home b/c he was afraid I'd get stuck if I stayed at work. Again, another hour on the road getting home, going 30 mph the whole way. I couldn't even get my car up the driveway; Brian had to slog down to the road and drive it up to the garage. Western WA just doesn't have the equipment or budget to deal w/ these storms b/c it's so rare.

Although it was clear and sunny yesterday, the temp never got above 26 and there was no way I was getting out. Brian has 4-wheel drive so he & I went to Fred Meyer for groceries & stuff. He went out again today to Freddies for a couple things we forgot yesterday and he couldn't even find parking. He said he had to club his way down the bread aisle. Took 20 minutes just to get out of the parking lot and back on Hwy. 410.

So we have a blizzard watch for our area; something which is very rare. It's snowing pretty hard now and the winds are going to kick up. It's going to be very, very bad. But hey, at least we may get a chance to use our generator. I hope our cable doesn't go out or else...NO INTERNET!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! We have lots of food and supplies, so we're all cozy. I don't like the wind storms and am always nervous about the many tall fir trees that whip wildly around. On the plus side, maybe those scraggily firs that are blocking our view of Rainier might topple. Hmmm. Maybe we should go down there with a chainsaw and "help them along" before the storm really starts. hahahaha Kidding. It's a felony to cut down trees that you don't own to improve your view.

Unfortunately the cruelest irony of all is, this is the first year in my entire life that I haven't decorated for the holidays. And this is the first time we've had this much snow so close to the holidays, and we might even have a white Christmas if we don't get a massive melt or rain. It would have been nice to have had a tree and lights and our decorations out, to complete the snowy postcard picture of very rare snowy weather in Western WA.

I'll catch up w/ you guys later. I just want to get thru the wind storm unscathed.


  1. Stay safe and warm!!

  2. Oh dear - stay safe and warm! No internet - OMG! It's like something from a horror movie! ARgh!!

    We're getting our second storm tomorrow - booo.

  3. we had a blizzard yesterday and idiot that i am, i drove to work. it too me two hours to go 8 miles. ahhhh, the joys of the water-winter wonderland!! we had around 10 to 12 inches...and of course, her furrball-ness wouldn't go out until i shoveled a path for her and a place for her to squat on.

  4. It's still snowing but I'm not hearing any wind....yet anyway. We're all set and don't need to go out.

    Fen, 2 hours to go 8 miles? I know you are worried about your job, but man, that's serious dedication.

  5. I'd love a white Christmas, but your part of the country is hogging most of the snow. Seriously I hope your ELECTRICITY remains on and your internet, your pipes stay unfrozen, the snow on your roof light and your heat source warm. If you must get out watch out for the idiots.

    I feel extremely guilty for complaining about our roller coaster weather, 18 one day 73 the next. They talk of snow in Nashville, but if we ever got what you are getting...there would be a lot of casualties here.

    It bears repeating stay safe & WARM.

  6. Anonymous9:08 AM

    The UK can be brought to a grinding halt if so much as a light dusting - less than someone would probably shove up their nose were it another substance! - of the white stuff occurs. We had some a few weeks ago, and instantly, something like 450 schools were closed. I have no idea how the UK authorities think people function in places where they get SERIOUS snow, but somehow, they do!

    Keep warm, stay safe Jojo, and Happy Holidays to you and yours, with or without decorations.

  7. We didn't get the wind, thankfully. As usual, our meteorologists can't seem to get it right, ever. Lots of snow. And it's warmer than it's been the past 2 days; up to about 30 today.

    We may try to take the sled out and see if we can get going down our driveway. Can someone please have the medics standing by in case I break a bone? lol

  8. I don't like driving in the snow either. I remember once, years ago, I had a new car, so decided to take the bus to school (actually, 3 buses). It was gridlock. I was able to change buses without either one getting to the stop, they were crawling along.

    When I got to my place of work, less than 8 miles away - nothing! I was so late, and no-one would believe me why!

  9. We've had thunder, sleet, freezing rain and snow...Today it's a balmy 2 degrees with 40 mph winds, right now the wind chill is -38....I HATE winter.

    You stay safe out there.

  10. your weather conditions are even making the news here - my niece was delayed coming from New York on Saturday and then after her flight the airport was closed

    I'm off to sunnier climes because I hear Florida is enjoying beautiful weather at the moment - hope it lasts till the New Year 'cos I'm packing summer gear

    wishing you all a happy happy holiday

    c u in the new year

    lotsa luv ann xxxxxx