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November 9, 2008

Technical Difficulties

Well it appears that I am majorly hosed on this new blog template. I had no idea this was going to happen. It's going to take me awhile to try and figure this out so that I can add everyone's blogs again. I will try to visit and make comments, but it's going to take time to find & add all of them.
I will need Axe and "The Moralized Criminal" to send me new invites so that I can add you both again.
I'm just too frustrated and annoyed to deal w/ it today. You would think that Blogger would have built in a feature that would keep your everything the same if you just wanted a new look.
Thanks for your patience......Please Stand By.


  1. ok, so how do I become a follower of this blog??

  2. that follower thing is cool. sorry about your techno difficulties. fo wordpress is simpler, and simpler is happier for me:) but your place looks great!

  3. fen-click on the Follow This Blog above the pics...(lol)

  4. I'm on it, babe!

  5. My cat is following your blog now! :D

    I haven't changed my template for precisely this reason.

    If you want a "tag cloud" like mine, go here

  6. Anonymous1:41 PM

    you shouldn't have lost everything... but I do like the new softer you

  7. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Sympathies - I'm so not technically minded, and I hate it when Blogger bites me in the bum!

  8. Jojo--check your email, and hope that site was helpful!

    For everyone else: Tips for New Bloggers Don't leave home without it! Teaches you how to do all kinds of great stuff.

  9. Thanks guys. I was gonna try to work on it last night but things weren't working well at home. Brian had to call Comcast and work w/ them to get it straightened out.

    Kris - I'll need your blog URL b/c you are on Wordpress now.

  10. To avoid this next time always copy the content of your sidebar on whatever you have and then you just have to paste it in the new template.
    Take Google Reader that's far better than this Blogger follow thing. It makes you a long list in your profile and sometimes people think that it is all your blogs !

  11. Is there anyone who changed the templates more than I did? :-P
    The new look is cool, Jo! And I love the doggies pics.

  12. Okay, time to turn off Facebook and come back to the blog. Please!