Mt. Rainier and Lenticular Clouds - Dec. 2008 copyright: JMM

April 3, 2008

In like a lamb, out like a lion

I can never remember that saying about the month of March. Is it "in like a lion, out like a lamb" or the other way around?

Anyway, this was the scene at our house a week ago. It kind of took everyone by surprise as we'd been having a run of dry, partly sunny weather for quite awhile. March definitely went out like a lion this year.

The one (and only) nice thing about it being lighter, later, is that for the first time, we were able to enjoy the falling snow for a little while after work. It was very relaxing.

The snow was especially pretty on the pink-blossomed trees. As you can see, it was really coming down. (note: the stained glass thing was my one foray into stained glass. It was a kit.).

Some of the flakes were as big as your hand. It was a very wet snow, however, so there was a lot of concern about snow laden branches tearing down the lines.

And speaking of lines being torn down, the thinner cable under the large one is for our cable TV. A branch did come down and land on it, but fortunately, it's still connected to the house and the pole on the street, so we continue to have our cable service. But we have to get Comcast to come out and tighten the slack, as it's swooping very low to the ground now.

That pink house is sitting empty now and was up for sale. Any Vixens care to move out here and live next door to me????


  1. Sorry Jojo....too cold for me.You should come move next to ME.It is hot,humid,but full of amazing food and fun!

  2. ok, i'll bite...but, i'm not the world's best neighbor!!!

  3. Yeah but our doggies could have play dates and I could drag you to Shipwreck Beads!!!

  4. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Sorry, JoJo, Bobby's Girl here. I can't leave Michigan. What I remember of that exression is that you use it to fit the weather. If March comes in like a lion, it's supposed to go out like a lamb. And vice versa. I don't know what would happen if it came and went like a lion, or a lamb for that matter!

  5. Anonymous12:08 AM

    Hi. I liked the blog. The images are so beautiful. I liked your house, the interiors are very beautifully designed. March has been real hot here. Nice to know that it snowed at your place.

  6. ME, ME, ME!!!
    I'll gladly wanna be in the cold and foresty insanity.

  7. Anonymous8:44 AM

    It was a very spring-like day in the UK yesterday; or so I was told! I still had my winter coat on (maybe this has something to do with it's the only one I can put my C.I. pin on?!). However, by the weekend, we're having a nice freezing blast from Northern climes, so could have snow on Sunday.

    'In like a lion, out like a lamb' is the way I've always been told, but hey, that was March, this is April ;0)

  8. I heard that, Diane - winds coming in from the Arctic. Great :(

  9. Anonymous2:37 PM

    and to think jojo you asked me if I was enjoying spring... LOL

    it's certainly not unusual in these parts to have snow March/April... in fact I remember it snowing when I brought No.1 son home from hospital and he was born 3rd April and I came home the 11th.
    That was 31 yrs ago

    Yes fellow Brit v-vixens, I hear it's gonna be cold again Sunday and today was wonderful. Last year the best week of the whole year was around Easter.

    still your pics are absolutely gorgeous and your location sure appeals to me

  10. Wow, look at all that snow. It's like it magically transferred from 20 degrees to 60 degrees, from snow to rain. Spring has definitely sprung but not for you lol. Hopefully it warms up eventually!

  11. I talked to my brother this morning, I asked if spring had visited Seattle yet. His response...Well it's trying, but we've had some weird f**king weather lately!

    No Kidding.

  12. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Friday was a spring day here
    Saturday was wet
    Today's a snowy winterwonderland

  13. Anonymous1:23 PM

    It's just cruel of you to show us pink blossoms when we have nary a bud- maybe because as of Friday it was snowing!