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March 11, 2008

What dog breed are you?

This quiz popped up in my inbox today from

These were my results:

"Wow, You're a German Shepherd!

German Shepherd
The Perfectionist

Doggedly dedicated to getting the job done, you don't let silly little distractions get in the way of putting in a full day's work. And after you come home, chowing down on a little grub and taking a little catnap is all it takes to get you up and at 'em for round two, whatever that may entail. Your dogma emphasizes the importance of hard work, and you swim laps around your dog-paddling, time-wasting co-workers. Your cleverness leads to you often being entrusted with some pretty important tasks, which you are always more than happy to sink your canines into. You really dig being outdoors and love a bit of exercise, but you draw the line at the ridiculous stuff, choosing a game of beach volleyball over Pilates in the park any day.

FAMOUS GERMAN SHEPHERDS: Teddy Roosevelt, Queen Elizabeth, Humphrey Bogart, Oprah

LIKELY PROFESSIONS: Professional Athlete, Policeman, Wilderness Guide, Meteorologist."

Oh yeah, that's it, a Wilderness Guide. I can hear Julie laughing her ass off all the way up here.


  1. Anonymous3:56 PM

    I'm sometimes a bitch in heat ;0)

  2. i just took the quiz; i'm a border collie!!

    diane, i like yours, better

  3. Anonymous10:39 PM


    i was a golden retriever. ya. haha. a wilderness guide. if you go on that wild bivy camping trip with me, you could be one. and, remember our conversation about pooping in public.

  4. Julie - Yes, I can see it now, "Ew, I just stepped in that a large bug? Does anyone know how to read a compass...?"

  5. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Unfortunately I have to join JoJo with the German Shephard, not sure why it wasn't a Boxer as thats the breed I love most!!!! It isn't me at all, just read the description, although I am trustworthy and loyal. Yeah Julie, we need you in the GS group. Jean

  6. mine says that i should be doing naked skydiving (see my blog) and i say to that...


    (i'd rather be a wilderness guide with jojo!!!!)

  7. I'm a freakin' POODLE! I HATE poodles!

  8. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Wow, You're a Poodle!

    The Star

    Intelligence, style and good looks in one able-bodied, well-manicured package? But of course! You are a Poodle, and proud of it. You scoff in the general direction of passers-by who cast admiring (or is it amused?) glances your way, knowing doggone well that if your private jet were not waiting to whisk you off for a spa weekend getaway, you would handily paddle their hindquarters in a game of Trivial Pursuit. Blindfolded. You are well-educated and enjoy the finer things in life, but are not above taking an impromptu skinny dip in an old limestone quarry. It would, however, be soooo much more convenient if said quarry came with a towel boy and swim-up cocktail service, of course. Learn more »

    FAMOUS POODLES: Jennifer Lopez, George Clooney, Victoria Beckham

    LIKELY PROFESSIONS: Fashion Designer, Movie Star, Chef

    After answering the booze question with a pink cosmo, I just knew I'd end up being a poodle... but not you Val... you have to do it again.

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  10. Well, like Jojo I'm a German Shepherd!!

    Jojo you'd be a great wilderness guide...I'll drive the jeep and you'll take the pictures :)

  11. I'm a golden retriever, and for some reason I want to go out and chase cars!

  12. Don't have time to take the quiz, but I don't need it, I already know I'm a bitch!! Ha ha...

    Hi Jo, thank you once again for your help, hope to talk again soon. Love ya, take care!

  13. I did it again and changed almost every answer AND I STILL CAME OUT A POODLE!

  14. Anonymous10:56 AM

    How could I not be a border collie????
    I am a shepard too, Jojo!