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March 15, 2008

Mutant Dog Toys

Last weekend when I was at the grocery store, I picked up a couple of new toys for Sagan's birthday. I always get one for Pepper too, so that she doesn't feel left out, and vice versa when it was her birthday. I didn't look at what I was buying, I just picked out soft squeak plush toys because we get a kick out of seeing them running around with the toys in their mouths.

Now that they toys have been laying on my family room floor for the past few days, I've become obsessed with trying to figure out what the hell they are supposed to be. I was going on and on about it this morning when Brian finally said, "My god, give it a rest already! They're just toys!"
But seriously! What the hell are they? Is this a bunny dressed like a lamb? Is it a lamb? Is it a bunny? Is it a bear? Does it have the pox? Is it contagious?
Then we have this poor fellow. It has a lion's head, but no legs. This sad little beastie must drag itself around the jungle by it's front paws. But what's with the tail? I've also never seen a body like that on a lion before.
Is it a leopard body with a lion's head? Is it a lion? A leopard?


  1. Well, I guess they think that since the toys will be chewed to death, whats the point?!

    With cats it's easy. A piece of string, a paper sack, heck a twistie from a garbage bag will do.

  2. and you're devoting your precious brainwaves to this because???

    toys like that never remain like that in my house. actually, i thought the 2nd pic looked remarkably like a toy...AFTER loganne had her way with it.

  3. Toys don't last long in this house!My Mom brought them a mini squawking rubber chicken this weekend.It is pretty funny,but they killed its squawker already!

    I think both those stuffed animals have the pox;)!

  4. "I just picked out soft squeak plush toys because we get a kick out of seeing them running around with the toys in their mouths."

    So who are the toys for really?

  5. Val - LMAO!!! Ok, ok, you busted me....

    Fen - you sound like Brian.

    Bryde - Can't tell you how many toys I find myself repairing when Sagan pops the squeakers. I buy replacement squeakers at Petco to have on hand.

    Tess - problem w/ that is Sagan would eat the string, sack or twistie.

  6. You have an award on my blog.

  7. Anonymous11:16 AM

    This totally cracked me up.... so reminiscent of much of our time together...I will have Ry check them out later and tell us exactly what they are- he's very good at this type of identification since we often wonder about these things too.
    By the way, have you considered it might be that the designer was stoned?

  8. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Maybe doggies understand what they are? They look like some kind of mutant alien life forms to me ;0)

  9. I've decided to name them: Poxy and The Lion Thing.

  10. poxy! lol! love that!