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November 20, 2007


I was tagged by Annie today!

Here are the rules...Post your earliest memory that is:

#1 Clear enough to include three details.

#2 Give your age.

#3 Pass it along to some other folks.

OK, please don't commit me to Western State Hospital after reading this!!!

My earliest memory is of being in my crib, "making people" out of tissue. If I can remember it, I had to have been at least 2 or 3; I have no idea how old I was when my parents decided I could sleep in a bed (although my mom's favourite joke is that I was 16).

I must have been sick because I don't know why else there would have been an unlimited supply of kleenex available to me. I can remember being awake, my orange-bulbed nightlight throwing shadows in my darkened room. I would tear off a piece of tissue, roll it into a ball, put it in my mouth, then put the damped tissue in my hand and make a fist to "mold" it. When I opened my hand, the tissue ball had turned into a little person; the only one I can clearly remember was a farmer wearing denim overalls and a hat. I made an entire community that night, and I had them lined up all around my crib. I talked to them and they talked to me. In the morning, I woke up and went to look for my people but they were all gone. My mom still tells the story of the time she came upstairs to check on me and found all these wadded up balls of tissue in my crib and she'd wondered what in the hell I'd been doing during the night. She cleaned them all out before I woke up. Now I tease her about the time she destroyed my village.

Tagging Axe, Val, Susan, Kris, Kristy & Bryde.


  1. kleenex people! too funny. thanks for your ready compliance, jo. :)

  2. Annie - My pleasure! Thanks for tagging me!

  3. You were born creative weren't you?! :)

  4. Tess - I guess so!! You call it "creative", others might call it "insane." lol But after that one time, I kept trying to make more tissue people and it never worked again.

  5. So where did the farmer's denim come from?

  6. Val - Don't know...when I opened my hand, fully formed and dressed people emerged. Tiny people...less than an inch tall.

  7. farmers denim and a little hat? how cute is that? Tess is right, you were born creative.

  8. Anonymous2:40 AM

    When you say "Kristy" is tagged, let's just clarify--you don't mean ME, do you? Gulp. The pressure!

    Kleenex people. Hmmm. Sounds like the beginning of a horror movie to me!

  9. Yes Kristy, I meant you!! Think of it as another contribution to NaBloPoMo. lol

  10. i made people out of thin air; ya know, imaginary friends.

    thanx jojo...

  11. Susan, I STILL make those!

    Jojo, I didn't see this tag, hon, sorry! So I'll do mine on Friday, okay?