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October 15, 2007

Happy 60th Birthday to Bob Weir!!

Long before I lusted after Bobby Goren, there was another Bobby in my life....Bob Weir, rhythm guitarist in the Grateful Dead.

20 years ago, on a solo trip to Maine to visit my BFF Michelle in October, 1987, I stopped at a record store along the way to get some tapes for my trip. I was looking for something different. I purchased "Skeletons From the Closet" by the Dead b/c I knew a couple of the songs on it. That tape changed my life. I was instantly converted and the first time I laid eyes on Bob Weir, I was in lust.

Today's Bobby's 60th birthday!

Wasn't he cute in 1967 at 20? ALL the girls loved Bobby. Guys too. Jerry Garcia even said, "Hell, Weir was prettier than a girl!"
This is a picture of my bedroom at my apartment in Sandwich, MA, taken in the fall of 1988. I remember when my mom and dad came to visit after I had it all decorated. Holly was over at the time. My mom walked slowly through the room, pointing at all the different pictures, going, "Is that Bob? Is that Bob?" Finally she points to one and goes, "Who is that?" and I said, "Bob." Holly and I cracked up. When Brian and I got married and moved to SF, I lovingly unfurled that black and white poster to put on the wall. Brian says, "Oh no you don't. You are not putting that Bobby Cheesecake poster on our wall." I said, "Please? How about down the hall? You'll never even see it!" He goes, "No. No Cheesecake." So alas, Bobby Cheesecake is rolled up in a poster tube and stored in the garage attic.

This is the livingroom of the apartment. I probably should have moved the vacuum cleaner hose out of the way before shooting the picture!

Here's Weir Road in W. Yarmouth, on Cape Cod. There was also a regular green street sign on a pole at the corner of Weir Road and Rte. 6A. One night at about 10:00 pm, Holly and I drove up there and managed to get the pole out of the ground, but we couldn't get the sign off the pole. Unfortunately we had to leave the whole thing behind. We figured we'd never be able to make it back to Sandwich without the cops pulling us would have looked really suspicious, don't you think? Two girls in a 1966 Dodge Dart with the top down in the middle of November, with a 10' street sign & pole hanging out the back. "Oh no officer, this is our street sign, yeah that's it."Here's a picture of Bobby I shot at Shoreline Amphitheatre, in California.

This was the night we were 10th row at Shoreline. Here's Bobby at Winterland in 1977 when he was 30.
And this is Bobby today.


  1. yet another weir freak.
    so many of us out there.
    someday i'll share my weir-obsessed tales. it all began for me in about 1976. loved him ever since.

  2. hey, he still looks really good. brian, let jojo hang up the poster...

  3. I even offered to let him put up a poster of someone he thought was hot but that idea didn't land either.

  4. those are some shorts he has in that one pic! he looks like one of those guys like vincent and keifer that just get better with time;)

  5. It's always Bobby with you!

  6. his shorts were his trademark, for a while.
    and let me just say that he had some of the finest man-legs around! yum.

  7. Oh yes, Bobby does have nice legs. Must be from all that mountain biking on Mt. Tam!!

    Annie - At least you didn't drive all over Mill Valley trying to find where he lived, like I did once in 1988.....At least I finally did get to meet him in 1990!

  8. If you notice said shorts, or tight jeans for that matter, do you know what you won't see?

    Any hint of a "package"

    Like Jerry said, Weir was better than a girl.

  9. Anonymous2:08 AM

    Hmmm... let me guess...Brian gave the thumbs down to your "David Lee Roth in Chains" poster, too! Oh crap, now I'm going to have nightmares about DLR and his damn hair plugs.

  10. Hey, he's even a good looking old man!
    LOL, Brian!

    Well, we have to admit...he got wayyy more pussy than any of his critics, huh, Jojo?

    Happy B-day, Bobby!

  11. He WAS a pretty thing.Now he is a cute older man,like Gilmour.

    MIchael and I allow posters/wallpapers for the electronics/etc.I am getting the 2008 Smallville calender this weekend.Lex is Feb....Michael is pleased because Lois is a cover in there also.So,we both get to have the calender.

  12. Dngrkitty - You are NEVER gonna let me live down that DLR poster are you???? It was on my ceiling for only about 6 months!! hahaha

  13. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Jo-I love your trips down memory lane, you are so good with writing and your pictures are great as well.

    Bob still looks good at 60!!!!! Jean